Religious fanatics trespassed into Church, placed photos of their gods and forced believers to worship, Bihar

Religious fanatics trespassed into Church, placed photos of their gods and forced believers to worship, Bihar

A mob of religious fanatics surrounded the Church premises, chasing away children and believers, in the state of Bihar.

Pastor Jacob, Mission India, is the local Pastor of Mahanar Church, in Vaishali District. Evangelist Krishna Mohan was officiating in his absence, as Pastor Jacob was away ministering at another Church. Around 50 believers gather for the worship service every Sunday.

On Sunday, 14th October, a noisy and wild mob of fanatics, shouting slogans and abuses, stood outside the Church. They chased away the children who were heading to Church for Children’s Sunday School at 7.30 am, threatening to get back home.

Eventually, the fanatics trespassed into the Church, with total disregard for the sanctity of the place of worship. They placed the religious photos of their idols and gods & started singing bhajans, clapping their hands as they worshiped their images, with the intention of grabbing the property.

Terrified and shocked into silence by the blatant and provocative display of arrogance, the believers remained silent and withdrawn, as the fanatics demanded that they join in singing the Bhajans.

After almost an hour of tension, insults and intimidation, the fanatics left, threatening to return the following Sunday with a physical idol, to install in the Church, if they did not stop worshiping Jesus Christ.

Speaking to Persecution Relief about the whole incident, Pastor Dr. Aby was deeply concerned that the situation in Bihar, was getting worse over the past few months, where several believers have been arbitrarily beaten and arrested.

Persecution Relief spoke to the SDPO Police, Mr. Rajneesh, appraising him of the situation at Mahanar Church. He assured that he would look into the matter, and ensure communal harmony and safety of the worshipers.

Church, please continue to pray for Pastor Jacob and the congregation of Mahanar Church, to continue to remain steadfast in Jesus Christ in spite of the intense persecution.


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  1. We will pray.
    God will give enlightments in their hearts. Otherwise they will have to answer to Almighty God who is watching everyone and everything. He is ruling all.

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