Religious fanatics threaten to burn down Convention Centre, Rajasthan

Religious fanatics threaten to burn down Convention Centre, Rajasthan

A group of Religious fanatics trespassed into a Convention Centre in Jaipur, Rajasthan. They challenged the organizers and participants at the venue, enquiring with each of them if they were there of their own free will & accord.  

Jeevan Jyothi has organized a Convention for Christians at Maharashtra Mandal, a rented place in Ahimsa Circle, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

The 4-day Convention commenced on Thursday 15th November and was scheduled to end on Sunday 18th November.

On Friday, 16th, during the break time, around 2 pm, a few religious fanatics from Hindu Maha Sabha Group, trespassed into the Convention Center. A dozen or so fanatics were waiting outside the Centre as well.

After entering the place, they randomly started questioning people, behaving like Police Officers. With little consideration for the spiritual gathering, these fanatics trespassed into the Convention Center, with brazenness of privileged behavior and a sense of entitlement.  The culture of impunity seems ever prevailing with such appalling thuggish behavior, becoming the norm these days.

They threatened to burn the place down if they learnt that conversion related activities were being undertaken at the Centre. 

Right-wing religious hardliners, continue to intimidate and terrorize Christians and minorities, with impunity and brazenness in spite of the Constitution of India guaranteeing each and every citizen of India, freedom of religion and belief. 

Pastor KC Sabu lodged a complaint with the Ashok Nagar Police station, as all necessary permissions were taken well in advance.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Bro. Kevin, son of Pastor KC Sabu said that even after the disturbances, God helped us to have a fruitful meeting.

“On 18th November, we concluded the Convention with Sunday worship service. Thank you all for your prayers”, he added.

Pastor Suresh Babu was the speaker and around 600 believers were blessed by the meetings. 

Church, pray and intercede for India.

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