Religious fanatics harass Pastor and family, Uttar Pradesh

Religious fanatics harass Pastor and family, Uttar Pradesh

Pastor Bablu Masih has been affiliated with AG Church for the past 10 years. Since the last 18 months, he has been living and ministering at Lalganj Block, Rai Bareli District, Uttar Pradesh. The rented accommodation at a Believer’s home, also doubled up as a place where believers congregated to worship every Sunday.
However, 3 weeks into commencing the worship services, religious fanatics barged into the Church, shouting abuses and threats, demanding that he stop the worship service.

Scouting for another location, in a more neutral place, they moved to another rented property, near Degree College in Lalganj. Thankfully, worship service had been progressing peacefully for the last 1 year, where around 25 believers gather together to worship every Sunday.

Over the last week, Pastor is being harassed and threatened with dire consequences, if he does not stop the prayer meetings. Most of these fanatics are not from the locality.

“Sometimes, they just lock the door from the outside while we are still inside with our family, Sometimes, these fanatics, just pelt stones and trash into our house from the opened windows, trying to harass us in all possible ways.

“On 23rd August, around 8.30 am, while I was in my home, I opened the front door in response to a knock on my door. A group of fanatics stood out side my door, caught hold of my hand and dragged me outside. They slapped me on my face and physically assaulted me, abusing and accusing me and they just left without saying anything.

Though religious freedom is guaranteed by India’s constitution, the reality for believers on the ground, as evidenced by Pastor Bablu others like him – especially in Uttar Pradesh, is sadly far removed from the promises enshrined in law.
Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Bablu mentioned that he was facing some form of persecution or attack every single day, and the situation is showing no signs of getting better. Pastor feels that his freedom to profess and propagate his religious beliefs is being forcibly taken away.

Pastor has requested for prayers, for the safety and protection of his family and for the members of the congregation.

Church, pray for God’s grace and strength to abide with Pastor Bablu and his Church members.



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