Religious fanatics beat up Christian for not contributing money for puja, Odisha

Religious fanatics beat up Christian for not contributing money for puja, Odisha

A dozen people from the local village, organizing a puja, beat up a Christian, after he refused to contribute money for puja.

Bro. Bada Hasda, lives in Hatishal village, under Koliposi Panchayat, around 15 kms away from Karangia, in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. 8-months ago, when he heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and committed to follow His teachings, no distance was too much for him to attend Sunday Worship service. Every Sunday, he travels 15 kms, to join Pastor Boaz Mathew, to worship Jesus Christ.

On 17th May, Friday evening, a dozen local villagers, who were collecting contributions from the villagers for puja, approached Bro. Bada and demanded puja contributions from him, he refused to give money maintaining that he was a Christian. While they were talking to Bro. Bada, without any provocation, they mercilessly beat him up, abusing him of indulging in conversion activities.

Bro. Bada called his friend Bro. Sunder and informed about the incident.  When Pastor Boaz heard about the injustice and prejudice, in order to protect Bro. Bada from future attacks, he lodged a complaint alleging that a group of villagers had been extorting money in the name of puja subscription and physically assaulting people if they do not donate.

On Saturday, 18th May, Pastor Boaz and Bro. Bada, submitted an application summarizing the events. The Police accepted their petition and summoned the persecutors who beat him up. They were warned of stringent action if they repeated such acts and made to give a written undertaking for the same.

Church, pray for Bro. Bada who is a new believer. Pray that he stands faithful till the end, as the enemy has been strategically attacking many new believers and scattering them.

Pray that none would be lost as Heaven is concerned about every single believer. Jesus left the 99 sheep and went after the 1 lost sheep. Let’s make every effort to pray, secure, consolidate and reinforce believers in the Word of God, before the trumpet is blown so that they may not be lost, in the last days.

Pray for Pastor Boaz Mathew, who heard the voice of the Lord, left Tamil Nadu and has been ministering at First Baptist Mission Church, at Karangia village in Mayurbhanj District, Odisha, for the past 2 years. He called Persecution Relief to inform about this incident. Pray that he will continue to remain steadfast in the Lord.

Persecution Relief has recorded more than 477 incidents of hate-crime in 2018, across the 29 states of India.  20 hate-crimes were recorded from Odisha, the 6th most hostile state in India.

In 2019, we recorded 157 incidents of hate-crimes until April end, with 3 incidents from Odisha.



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