Religious fanatics attack Pastors, vandalize vehicles in the cover of darkness, Gujarat

Religious fanatics attack Pastors, vandalize vehicles in the cover of darkness, Gujarat

A mob of a dozen religious fanatics attacked a group of Christians, returning home from after a prayer meeting at a House Church, escalating communal tensions in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Two Pastors bore the brunt of the attack, before fleeing with his 68- year old mother and other Sisters in the cover of darkness.

On Wednesday, 20th February, Pastor Advin Christian and Pastor Raju Bhai Bhamaniya, had arrived to the home earlier. While they were waiting for the rest of the congregation to arrive, suddenly, a dozen unidentified fanatics, believed to be from a neighbouring village, stormed into the house of Bro. Param Hans

They began questioning the Pastors, abusing them and shouting profanities, alleging that they were involved in conversion activities. They intimidated and verbally assaulted the Pastors and the household, threatening them with dire consequences if they continued to meet for Prayer. They threatened the Christians never to set foot in the village again. After 1 hour of this atrocious, confrontation rant, the fanatics left the home.

Narrating the incident to Persecution Relief, Pastor Advin mentioned that they were shaken up by this unexpected assault. Relieved of their departure, the group prayed for strength and wisdom and concluded their meeting.

As the members began to disperse, Pastor Advin discovered that his Eco Car along with Scooters and Motor bikes of other members, were vandalized. Pastor Advin’s car, where the Insurance had lapsed, suffered major damages with broken windows and dents.

As the group stood stunned, scrutinizing at the extent of damage caused by this violent and riotous group, suddenly the same group that was lying in wait in the cover of darkness, pounced on them and attacked them.

In what is a pre-planned attack, both Pastors, Advin Christian and Raju Bhai were isolated and brutally beaten up. Finding themselves trapped, the sisters and the injured Pastor along with his mother, had to run for their lives.

Church, pray for peace in the state of Gujarat, which has seen a sudden spike in attacks on Christians in 2019.

Pray for Pastor Advin Christian, Pastor Raju Bhai Bhamaniya and they congregation, to remain steadfast in their faith.

Making a conscious decision to reflect the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, they have collectively decided not to file a Police Complaint but to forgive the perpetrators of this attack.

Persecution Relief has recorded more than 477 incidents of persecution in 2018, with 4 in Gujarat.

Across India, the doors of a multitude of Churches and House Churches, have been sealed and scores arrested on false charges of indulging in conversion activities.

Church, continue to fast and pray for India.

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