Religious fanatics attack Pastor, molest wife, assault son, alleging conversion, Jammu

Religious fanatics attack Pastor, molest wife, assault son, alleging conversion, Jammu

Pastor Sunil Sontra was leading the Sunday worship service, a youth who was attending the worship service pulled Pastor out of the service.

Standing outside were a mob of around 50 religious fanatics, who physically assaulted and beat up Pastor, alleging him of indulging in religious conversion activities.

On 20th January, Sunday worship service which started at 11.30 am was in progress at Good Shepherd Church, in Jammu City, where Pastor Sunil Sontra ministers. Worship service was being held at the residence of a Believer Anand Ram’s house. Around 65 believers had congregated for the service.

Pastor noticed a youth, whom he did not recognize among the congregation and assumed that he was a new believer. He was video graphing the proceedings of the Church.

The youth got up pulled  Pastor by his hand and took him outside we’re a mob of around 40 men, who pounced on him, brutally beating him up, accusing of religious conversion.

Hearing the commotion, the believers came out and clarified that nobody converted them.

“We were drunkards and useless people. But Pastor saved us and taught us to read and write.”

The Leader of the religious fanatics arrived and they ganged up to discuss ways they could kill the Pastor. Some of them dragged out Pastor’s wife Ravinder Kaur and verbally abused her for not wearing a Sindoor or bindi.

When she told them that she does not wear a bindi because she is a christians, they were enraged and molested her. They even assaulted Pastors brothers son who is just 8-year old.

The local believers called the police, who rescued Pastor and the congregation. They chased away the fanatics and provided security to the Christians.

Pastor Sunil had to get medical treatment from a local hospital in Bakshi Nagar, Jammu.

Church, please pray for Pastor and his family and for God’s peace to return to the area.

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