Religious fanatic armed with sword, attempts to break into Pastor’s house at 1.30 am, Maharashtra

Religious fanatic armed with sword, attempts to break into Pastor’s house at 1.30 am, Maharashtra

Pastor Satish Ingawale of IPC (Indian Pentecostal Church of God), and his family had retired for the night. At around 1.30 am, the family were woken up in shock and panic, to the sound of someone battering the front door.

Rudely awakened, Pastor Satish rushed to 1st floor bedroom window and recognized the intruder as his neighbour Ravinder Shinde. This man was armed with a sword, drunk, and trying to break open the door.  Shouting profanities and threats, the neighbour demanded that Pastor open the door. Thankfully, Pastor refused to open the door and saved himself and his family.

Briefing Persecution Relief about the incident, Pastor mentioned that the IPC Church has been gathering at his residence. Around a dozen believers gather every Sunday to worship. Pastor confirmed that his neighbour Ravinder and his wife, had been harassing them for several months now.

This neighbour has been harassing the family, complaining about the prayers and the number of people visiting Pastor. He has been making false and baseless allegations at them.

In spite of the attack, the neighbour Ravinder visited Pastor’s home in the morning and warned that he had arranged for goons and thugs to come in later and beat him up.

In order to protect his family and himself, Pastor has submitted an application to the Ozar Police Station, narrating the whole incident.

Church please pray for the safety of Pastor, his family and the congregation.

Pray for peace and calm to return to the neighborhood.



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