Rejected by villagers, Village Headman and Police, Pastor refuses to recant Jesus Christ, Karnataka

Rejected by villagers, Village Headman and Police, Pastor refuses to recant Jesus Christ, Karnataka

Pastor Mallikarjun affiliated with the Full Gospel Church, has been serving as Pastor, ministering at Negalur Village in Haveri Taluk in Haveri District of Karnataka State, for the past 2 years.

On Sunday 09th September, 2018, during the Sunday Worship service, Policeman Tothamani from the local Police Station asked Pastor to accompany him to the station, as the SubInspector wanted to meet with him. As they reached the Station, they found the Village Headman and most of the villagers already there.

We don’t want you here because you’re Christian; we cannot allow you to live with us because you are a Christian or from another religion”.

“You cannot worship Jesus Christ in this village anymore”

Pastor Mallikarjun was warned to stop worship service that is being held every Sunday, in a shed, constructed on his private land.

A case has been filed against him. In spite of the threats and setbacks, Pastor Mallikarjun refuses to recant his faith in Jesus Christ.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Armstrong, one of the leaders of Full Gospel Church narrated the incident & requested the Church to pray.

Pray that God may remove all hindrances so that Pastor and the villagers may continue worshiping at the same place.

Please continue to pray for the continued spreading of the word of God.

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