Persecution Relief Daily Manna for the Persecuted
10 February 2024


But Esau ran to meet him, and embraced him, and fell on his neck and kissed him, and they wept. Genesis 33:4


Jacob was in such a state of anxiety about this meeting that he had no idea what to expect; for all he knew, his life could be in danger. Esau had wanted to kill him, and that was why he had to flee to Laban. The context in the above verse is such a special moment; it’s a moment of forgiveness and reconciliation. The one about whom Jacob feared the most is running towards and embracing him. What a beautiful transformation!! We should pray for these moments in the lives of persecutors where they will come running to embrace us, reuniting in Christ’s love.


Commit to praying for persecutors that there will be amazing testimonies of reconciliation.


Let us pray for all the persecuted fleeing for their lives and for families torn apart because of their faith. Let us pray for testimonies and reconciliation in these situations.

There are so many people persecuted all around you for their faith in Christ. In order for them to continue serving the Lord, would you mind forwarding this Daily Manna, so that they may fulfil the calling in their lives?

If you’re blessed by this message, write to us. Also, if you need Persecution Relief Daily Manna for the Persecuted on a daily basis, send us your name, district, phone number and preferred language to +91 9993200020.

Shibu Thomas, Founder, Persecution Relief

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