Probe demanded as anti-Church video goes viral in Goa 

Probe demanded as anti-Church video goes viral in Goa 

Published on: 1:14 pm, April 26, 2018 by:  Matters India Reporter


Panaji: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has lodged a complaint with the Goa police about a video that a party leader said shows the Church in a poor light.

The First Information Report was filed on April 25 with the Panaji Police. It alleges the video that has gone viral now was created and circulated to attack the Church in Goa.

Panaji police inspector Siddhanth Shirodkar said they are looking into the complaint

AAP Goa General Secretary Pradip Padgaonkar said the complaint against unknown persons was filed by party leader Valmiki Naik.

According to Naik, the purported content of the video aims at inciting communal passions and promoting enmity between communities.

“This is a criminal act meant to incite hatred and communal passions and promote enmity between communities and to disturb peaceful fabric of Goa,” he added.

Naik appealed to the police to track the source through its cyber cell and prosecute the offenders. “This will send a strong message that communalism and incitement of hatred has no place in a society like Goa.”

The video says the Church opposes every developmental project in Goa and drives policies of the Congress party. It also accused Archbishop Filipe Neri of Goa and Daman of selling 45 acres of Vanxim island for “a petty” 5.5 million rupees.

“All over the world Churches are subjected to the law of the state. Yet in India there is no government over-sight of Church administration,” the video alleges.

It also accuses the Goa Church of involvement in “dubious land deals.”

The police complaint says the circulation of this video is a criminal act of inciting hatred.


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