Praying as a family at home is also not safe in India

Praying as a family at home is also not safe in India

Pastor Kolapuri Prabhakar is a graduate of NTC Dehradun, ministering at Karim Nagar District in Telangana.  He ministers at Bethesda Prayer Healing house along with his father Pastor Moses.

On 26 February, Pastor Prabhakar, along with his 50-year old father Pastor Moses and mother, his sister and brother Emmanuel were praying at their home. They started the prayer at 10.00 am and prayed until 3.00 pm in the afternoon. A mob of religious fanatics saw the name board outside and started shouting abuses, asking for Pastor and his father to come outside.


When Pastor did not respond, the fanatics trespassed illegally into the house, and brutally beat up Pastor Prabhakar, his father Pastor Moses and his brother Emmanuel. A large boulder was thrown on his brother, who suffered a fracture of his leg. The women were also not spared as they were pushed and manhandled disgracefully by these radicals.

When Persecution Relief was briefed about this case, the team contacted the Police in charge to ensure necessary support was provided. The entire family have been treated at the local Government Hospital at Karimnagar. Persecution Relief has provided financial assistance to meet immediate hospital expenses.

Karim Nagar District Police have registered a case against the attackers.

Church, please pray for the protection of Christians who face mob-violence in Telangana and across India.

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5 thoughts on “Praying as a family at home is also not safe in India”

  1. Dear pastor
    Praying for you. family. As you are suffering for the Lord may His presence go with you and show his mercy on you and on your ministry. We are standing with you my friend.

  2. Our Father comfort your children during this time.Let your name be glorified in the village through this family . In your name we pray and ask, Amen.

  3. Yes it has to happen, before the coming of the lord. It happened in the early church. It is started now once again.
    Let the almighty keep everyone even the persecuting ones. They dont know what they are doing.

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