PRAYER – only defense of persecuted Christians, Uttar Pradesh

Prayer – only defense of persecuted Christians, Uttar Pradesh

Pastor Vinay from Raebareli District, Uttar Pradesh, had been threatened not to conduct worship services or face dire consequences by religious fanatics.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor called on Saturday, 09th June, seeking prayer and counsel. We posted his prayer request across all our WhatsApp Groups, requesting for prayer.


 “The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, And delivers them”-  Psalm 34:7-15 

Trusting God, Pastor Vinay went ahead with Sunday Worship service, which went off peacefully, with a packed congregation, hungry for God’s word.

Pastor Vinay has an ancestral house in Raebareli district, where he goes every Friday and Sunday, to conduct Worship Service at ABC Church.

The meetings had started in November 2017. Before starting the worship service, Pastor Vinay had informed the DGP, and other officials about the worship service being held at his ancestral home.

Several people in the village attend the meetings which the residents of the village have considered a blessing. However, when serious followers of Christ began to forsake old evil habits and following Jesus Christ, this upset a few religious fanatics.

Though not speaking directly to Pastor, fanatics have conveyed several messages, through members of the Church, to stop the worship services. They have also begun troubling Pastor, accusing him of indulging in conversion activities, with ulterior motives in their minds.

The fanatics are trying every possible way to disrupt and discourage the Christians of the village.

Bro. Mahabali, one of the members of this Church, recently started the construction of his house, on his own piece of land. As he started the construction work, since the land is situated opposite the local temple, the fanatics have raised objections that a Christian should not be permitted to construct a house on the said plot.

They have deceitfully given Bro. Mahabali an option to reconsider and return back to his former religion, stating that they would then not stop the construction work.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Vinay mentioned that Bro. Mahabali was steadfast in his faith and determined not to recant Jesus Christ.

“I am not concerned about this perishable house. I will never forsake Jesus Christ who will come back to take me and we will live together in the imperishable house he is building for me” – Bro. Mahabali said.

Fanatics have also threatened the local villagers with social boycott and ostracization. They have been warned that they would be excluded and barred from Government subsidies and schemes, with their rations cards cancelled, access to medical facilities and transportation denied, and total exclusion from all activities in the village, if they continued to worship Jesus Christ.  The intention is to force them to finally flee their property, their homes – a costly price for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Church, Christians in India are enduring unthinkable persecution. Many have been tortured and imprisoned for their faith.  Our nation needs to hear their stories—to understand what they’re going through and why they persevere for the sake of the name of Jesus Christ.

PRAYER is our only weapon. Let’s fast and support the persecuted Church in India with our prayers.

  • Pray for these courageous men and women, so that they will know that Christians in India and worldwide are standing with them in prayer.
  • Pray that Christians will not only stay committed to the call of Christ but also will respond in love to the evil shown by their aggressors.
  • Pray that God will continue to open doors for Christians to share the Gospel even more.
Name and location details have been withheld to protect the identity of the victims. Should you wish to know more details, write to us at


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