Prayer meeting disrupted,Pastor & Believer beaten.

Prayer meeting disrupted,Pastor & Believer beaten.

Time and again we have experienced God’s sovereignty in the  cases that we have dealt with. These cases remind us about his great faithfulness even in the midst of persecution. Here is one such example.

Pastor Ashish Jacob serves God with a ministry that he started called ‘The Believers Fellowship’. Earlier, he was on a look out for a place to rent so that his fellow believers could gather together for prayer meetings.  Soon he found exactly what he was looking out for at F Block, Gali No.3, Swaroop Nagar, New Delhi. From 01-10-19 he begun renting the premises.

On 01-11-19, Pastor Ashish conducted a meeting at the same venue involving prayer and fasting. While the meeting was in progress, a group of religious fanatics disturbed the meeting by forcefully entering the place. The group of angry men created havoc at the meeting place terrorizing the 35 odd Christians who had assembled, most of whom were women! They begun accusing  Pastor Ashish Jacob of conducting religious conversions while hurling insults at him.  Suddenly a couple of men took hold of a believer named Mr.Manish and started beating him.  They punched him with bare fists and begun kicking him.

Mr.Manish, who had only recently undergone an eye operation stared bleeding. They then took a hold of Pastor Ashish and begun physically attacking him.

Pastor Ashish somehow managed to break away from the brawl and called the Police on 100. Soon the police  arrived from Swaroop Nagar Police station and stopped the feud.  They later took Pastor Ashish and Manish to the Police station.

Pastor Satyam who is an acquaintance of Pastor Ashish got to know about the incident and immediately called the Persecution Relief Toll Free No: 1800-1234-461 from Haryana to report what had happened.

We instantly called Pastor Ashish who was at the Police station and he eagerly briefed us about his horrifying experience. The SHO( Station Head Officer) Mr.Subash was also kind enough to speak to us and  assured us that he would do his best to get both men released.

The Police mentioned in their statement that they received a called on 100. Responding to the call, the Police promptly  arrived and were told by the fanatics that the Pastor was involved in religious conversions,  but they were unable to establish it as there was no proof of the allegation.

After detaining Pastor Ashish and Manish at the police station for over 7 hours the police finally released them at 7pm.

Sadly for Pastor Ashish and his fellow believers, they have been asked to vacate the rented place  and are now on a look out for an alternative place.

  As the Church of God, we must praise and glorify him for the speedy release of Pastor Ashish and Mr.Manish. Let us pray that they find a suitable place for prayer and worship,  and for the speedy recovery of Mr.Manish who took a bad beating. As followers of Christ, let us also adhere to his teaching of praying for those who persecute us.  May we never grow weary of doing so.

Persecution Relief has recorded 330 incidents of hate crime against Christians in 2016, 440 incidents in 2017, 477 incidents in 2018 and till August 2019 we have recorded 302 incidents of Christian Persecution against Christians  in India.

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