Praise Report : Pastor Manoj Chacko T.J., has been released on bail, after 73 days in jail.

Praise Report : Pastor Manoj Chacko T.J., has been released on bail, after 73 days in jail.

Pastor Manoj’s wife Bindu, in the center along with Persecution Relief team

Father of 3 teenage boys, 41 years old Pastor Manoj and his wife Bindu, live in Parinjarakara, Wayanad, Kerala. Besides Pastoring a small House Church, he is also an Auto Rickshaw driver, working hard to give his children a good education. Pastor struggled and saved up his own money to buy an auto-rickshaw, and for the past 2 years, he transports school children of the age group 5 – 7 years, of Pattamai Local Government School, back and forth to school and home.

Pr Manoj

As usual, at month-ends, he goes around to collect the monthly transport fees from the parents. However, this time, the neighbours refused to give him the fees.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, his wife Bindu expressed shock and deep anguish at the way the neighbours cooked up a malicious story that almost destroyed their lives.

They accused him of molesting their children and reported the matter to the Police. A special Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) court framed charges against Pastor who was arrested by Kerala.

By the grace of God, Pastor Manoj has been released on bail. Persecution Relief, who has been in close contact with local Church Leaders and Advocates, have worked together to secure his release. Persecution Relief has made enquiries with local Church leaders and neighbours, who without exception, had words of praise and appreciation for Pastor Manoj, who people claim, is a ‘fiery evangelist for Jesus Christ’.

Pastor’s wife Bindu and the children are currently residing at the in-law’s home.  But, since the in-laws are unbelievers, Pastor and Bindu, prefer to live separately, as they want to openly practice and live their faith.

Under construction house of Pr Manoj 

Being the beneficiary of a Government scheme, Pastor Manoj had secured land and some funds from the Government, to construct a small 1-bedroom house. However, after the devastating arrest of Pastor and the following legal cases and expenses, the family have experienced overwhelming personal hardship and financial set back. The half-finished house with stark bare brick walls, the incomplete flooring and doors, is estimated to cost him around 2 lakh rupees, to complete the house and make it habitable. 

If any of our readers, is prompted by the Holy Spirit to support this family and help complete their home, please write to us at or WhatsApp us at + 91 99932 00020.

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