Pastor Subash & wife Sis Sarah in jail, Bihar

Latest Uodate : 2/4/18 8:21PM the court decision will be known on 8th as the hearing has been postponed.

Pastor Subash Singh & wife Sis. Sarah, have been serving the community in various ways. Sis. Sarah is specially focusing on  women empowerment  under Prerna Foundation in Patna, Bihar State.

On Sunday, 29/4/18 at 10 am, around 25 families had gathered at Pastor Subash’s house for Sunday Worship service. As the meeting started,  few people walked in and shouted abuses and threats at the Pastor and the congregation. They made allegations that the group was involved in converting everybody around us.

Then the mob tried to force entry to trespass into the house.  Pastor Subash and Sis Sarah wife tried to stop them from getting in. They tried to reason with them asking them on why they were behaving in this manner. They abused everyone congregated with filthy languages and the only accusation they had to make was conversion.

Eventually, Pastor Subash, his wife and 5 believers were taken to Police Station. Later in the night,  4 believers were released but Pastor Subash his wife Sis. Sarah & Sis. Rajini were remanded to jail.  Police have lodged an FIR under the  following Penal Codes : 508,506,505,158 AND 120B. 

Speaking to Persecution Relief Angel the daughter of Pastor Subash has requested earnest prayers. Angel said she was not at all disappointed but considered it a privilege for her parents and her family, to be persecuted for the Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.

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