Police mute spectators as Sunday Worship disrupted, congregation beaten, Bihar

Police mute spectators as Sunday Worship disrupted, congregation beaten, Bihar

Sunday Worship Service was attacked and the congregation beaten up by religious fundamentalists as Police accompany mob and remain mute spectators during the violence.

Pastor Krishnanand Yadav, influenced by the teaching of Jesus Christ, started regularly attending Church. He was shocked to witness the healing of many people with many sicknesses in the name of Jesus Christ. Drawn by the love and compassion and power of Jesus’s love, Pastor Krishnanand committed his life to follow Christ as his personal Saviour & Lord in 2006 after attending a prayer meeting.

In 2013, he started a congregation as Masihi Mandali and started preaching about the teachings of Jesus Christ teachings. People started coming in masses to hear about Jesus. In 2015, he shifted the meeting to his residence, near Saharsa Railway Station, a District in Bihar state of India. Pastor rented the upstairs which was his residence and the Hall downstairs was given to conduct prayers, by the house owner Bro.  Devkant.

On Sunday, 22nd July, as usual the believers had gathered at 9:30 am for prayer, just before the Worship Service which was scheduled to start at 10.00 am. Around 12 noon, a mob of religious fundamentalists, barged into the worship service along with some policemen. They began shouting abuses and beating up the congregated believers.

Accompanying the mob were several Policemen who were derelict in their duties. They did not respond to the needand were negligent in protecting the innocent Christians, while they were being beaten up in their presence.

Bro. Ravin Kumar, a student of the Bible college, who was present at the meeting, was literally thrown against the wall over and over again, and brutally beaten up, that he needed to be him to hospitalized in a critical condition. Bro. Sarwan was also beaten up.

The Religious fanatics molested the sisters and pushed them and abused them and behaved very badly.

Speaking to Persecution Relief Pastor Krishnanand Yadav narrated this incident.

Pastor and his wife, who is 6 months pregnant, ran upstairs along with their 14month old daughter and locked themselves from the inside.

In all the bedlam and confusion, the only good the Police did were to stop anyone from going up to the Pastor’s house.

Eventually, Policemen took Pastor, his pregnant wife, daughter and around 25 belivers to Saharsa Sadar Police Station where they were rigorously questioned. They tried to manipulate and force the Christians to say that they had been converted by force or enticement. However, all Belivers were adamant and they said the miracles and wonders they have experienced because of knowing Jesus Christ.

Finally, around 10.00 pm, all the detained believers were released excepting for Pastor and his family. They were shifted to another Police Station which was around 45kms away to Supul district. They were confined the whole night and it was only an answer to God’s intervention through prayer and after the local Christian Leader’s involvement that they were released the next day at 3.00 pm.

Pastor tried to file a FIR but the Police would not accept his application. After a lot of pressure from the Local Christian Leader’s a FIR was lodged.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Shine of AG Church, Bihar, where Pastor and family are currently staying expressed joy.

“I count it my privilege and honour to have Pastor Krishnan and family stay at my house, and for the opportunity to serve them”.

Church pray for the family of Pastor and also pray that the worship place which has been sealed by police should be opened before Sunday so that all can come and worship the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ peacefully.

Pray for Bihar and for the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and his team.

Pray for all those who persecute Christians, that they may know the love of Jesus Christ.

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