Police forces prevent worshippers from congregating, Tamil Nadu

Police forces prevent worshippers from congregating, Tamil Nadu

At the crack of dawn, at 5.00 am, a Bus load of around 10 Police men landed outside a Church and remained parked outside as a blockade, guarding against Christians entering the Church.

Sis. Rani Rubella, a 65-year old grandmother, lives in Thiruthangal, a municipality in Virudhunagar district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. She lives in a double storied house and occupies the ground floor. The upstairs is being used as a Church, where around 50 believers congregate every Sunday. Sis. Rani’s son, Pastor Jenson Prabhakar, ministers at Parisutham Zion Deva Sabha for the past 12 years.

The persecution and the intimidation started around the 1stweek of December, the month of Christmas. It is alleged that a complaint was lodged at the local Police Station, against the Church, Sis.Rani and the Pastor. The Complainant, a leader of a local religious fanatic group, Marimuthu, stated in his complaint that the public and the neighbourhood were being inconvenienced by the loudspeaker at the Church. He claimed that “the noise levels of the loudspeaker or a public address system being used, had exceeded the permitted decibel limit in the area, based on which he demanded that the Church be shut down immediately”.

However, Pastor Jenson stated that he had checked with the local neighbours who had no issue with the Church or their activities. Nevertheless, the religious fanatic has managed to instigate some locals, to harass the grandmother.
During the Christmas week, a Poster demanding the closure of the Church was posted on the wall of the house, asking people to join the protest for the closure of the Church.

On Sunday, 13th January, Sis Rani was rudely awakenedby the Police, to be informed that Sunday worship would not go ahead as planned. Totally unprepared for this development, she got in touch with her son who live about 2 streets away.

Sensing that the Police were adamant not to allow the Sunday worship service to go ahead, Pastor and the rest of the believers, gathered at his home.

Persecution Relief had covered a similar persecution incident in Tamil Nadu, where, while the Sunday Worship service was going on, Police trespassed into the Church, and stopped the meeting. Later, when the Grandmother and Pastor, had gone to the Guru Nagar Police Station to lodge a complaint, the SI verbally assaulted and misbehaved with the grandmother and the Pastor.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Jenson wasextremely worried for his old mother. He took over ministering at the Church after his father’s demise.

It is alleged that Sub Inspector Kallu Mathan is working in collusion with the religious fanatics, and intentionally harassing the Christians.

Tamil Nadu continues to be a hotbed of anti-Christian attacks. In 2018, Persecution Relief recorded 67 Persecution incidents, 14% of the 477 incidents recorded across India.

Church please remember to pray for Tamil Nadu and the servants of God, who minister in the 2nd most hostile state in India.

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