Police detain Evangelist for Distributing Tracts at Hospital, Kerala

Police detain Evangelist for Distributing Tracts at Hospital, Kerala

Evg. Boban Koshy detained by Police

Kerala Police have detained a man for distributing Christian literature in a Hospital in Kottayam.

Evg. Boban Koshy was picked up by Police for passing out religious pamphlets, called “tracts”. He asserts that he has the right to express his beliefs according to his Constitutional rights and contends he did not disturb or influence people.

Hospitals usually feel like lonely hopeless places, where staff don’t have the time to spend with patients. In some instances, patients don’t get any visitors for the whole time they are admitted. Just seeing a smiling face or having a friendly ear to chat, makes all the difference to whether they have a pleasant or miserable stay. Often it is spiritual healing that the patient needs most. Fear, stress, and anxiety cause so many people to become sick.

Evg. Boban Koshy, member of Faith Family Church, hearing the call of God, has a very unusual, vital and much neglected area of ministry. He carries a burden to pray with sick people, offering comforting and healing words, handing out a bible tract to read, to facilitate their recovery.

A pleasant man, with a friendly and smiling face, he is a common sight at most of the Hospitals in and around Kottayam. With a positive attitude, he has been received by many patients, diffusing a spirit of joy, through faith in Jesus Christ.

Just as Jesus Christ had said,I was sick, and you visited me” (Matt. 25:36), Evg. Boban follows in the footsteps of Jesus, who spent more time in ministering to the sick than He did in teaching or preaching.

Every day, he would set out at 3.00 pm and visit various hospitals until 9.00 pm, ministering and reaching out to the sick. Although not financially sound, nothing could persuade or discourage him to stop this ministry which he was passionate about. Often, he would peacefully offer a passer by a tract. If they rejected or refused the tract, he allegedly let them go without following or harassing them.

On Monday, the 10th of June, Evg. Boban set out Kottayam Medical College, to distribute the tracts and to pray for the sick. Suddenly, he was confronted by a local political leader belonging to a certain political party, who began to shout and abuse him, accusing him of indulging in conversion activities. They challenged him that what he was doing was illegal as he had no permission or right to distribute tracts.

Evg. Boban acknowledged that he was not aware that he needed to get permission to distribute tracts as he was not forcing people to take it from him.

Nevertheless, the Political Leader was unrelenting and summoned the Police, alleging that Evg. was indulging in conversion charges, forcing people to read and convert to Christianity. Instigated by the political leaders, the Police forcibly took him to Gandhi Nagar Police Station in Kottayam for questioning. He was eventually released without any charges filed against him.

Evg. Boban is not disturbed or distressed by this recent incident, but rests in quiet confidence in the Lord.

Church, please pray for Evg. Boban and his family – especially for his son and daughter who are seeking for jobs.

In 2018, Persecution Relief has recorded 477 incidents of hate-crimes against Christians. Kerala recorded 15 incidents.

In the first five months of 2019, we have recorded 180 incidents of hate crimes, with 6 cases from Kerala alone.






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  1. God bless you, brother Boban Koshy. Continue to serve our Lord by visiting the sick. May the Grace and Strength of our blessed Lord sustain in your ministry to Him.

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