Persecuted for Jesus Christ on New Year’s Day, Maharashtra

Persecuted for Jesus Christ on New Year’s Day, Maharashtra

Bro. Prashik  Vachanpal Meshram, a devout follower of Jesus Christ, had just returned to his home town Pulgaon after fasting and praying with Rev. Dadu Chacko and his Lake City Church members. Filled with zeal for God, devotion and commitment, Bro. Prashik entered 2019, with passion and purpose, to serve Jesus Christ faithfully and be a living testimony to all.

On the Tuesday, 1st of January, he had visited Pulgaon Town in Wardha district of Maharashtra, where more than 40 youths had gathered for the New Year Worship Service, at Buddha Vihar Parishad Hall, to hear about the gospel for New Year Service.

As the Bro. Prashik was sitting and talking informally, with the youth that had gathered, a couple of religious fanatics, picked on him and began to verbally abuse him. This further escalated to physical assault as he was kicked, slapped and punched, as they falsely accused him of indulging in conversion activities.

As Bro. Prashik lives with his mother, a few kilometers away from where the incident took place, word quickly spread about the attack. By the grace of God, the people of the neighbourhood quickly gathered and rescued him from the fanatics, who were assaulting him.

Seeing that they were outnumbered, the fanatics fled the scene. It is alleged that the fanatics had been targeting him and trying to do attack him for the past few weeks.

While Bro.  Prashik was taken by locals to the Pulgaon Police Station, a complaint has been lodged under section 294,323,506,34. He also required medical attention from the blows he suffered.

Rev. Dadu called Persecution Relief and briefed about the incident and he was very disappointed about the incident.

“I can’t believe this happened because I spoke to him yesterday evening before he went for the meeting!”

Speaking to Persecution Relief Bro. Prashik was strong in the Spirit.

” I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back!.  Please remember me in your prayers”.

Pray that the persecutors will be touched by the power of the Holy Spirit and be transformed to Saul to Paul.


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