BREAKING NEWS – Pastors in Police custody, Jammu & Kashmir

6.15 pm

Pastors Bijoy Varghese and Packiyaraj have been released on bail. Special thanks to Bro. Manojmon and Team who coordinated the efforts. We also recognize and thank Mr. Dushyanth Singhji, Superintendent of Police for his assistance. Thank you Church for your prayers.


Pastor Bijoy in conversation with Bro. Shibu Thomas, Persecution Relief

05 September, 2018, 4.15 pm


Pastors have been located at Gharota Police Station, Jammu. Please continue to pray for their speedy release.

05 September, 2018 3.30 pm

Pastors not traceable, Jammu & Kashmir

It is more than 3 hours since Pastor Bijoy Varghese and Pastor Packiyaraj have apparently disappeared and their mobile telephones switched off

Pastor Bijoy has been ministering with Assemblies of God Church [AG] since past 10 years in Janipur, Jammu District, Jammu and Kashmir. He has a “House Church” besides ministering in several villages around Jammu.

Pastor Bijoy along with Pastor Packiyaraj, left home at around 9:30 am to do gospel work to the nearby Agor village.

Around 1:30 pm, Sis. Ruby, wife of Pastor Bijoy, reportedly received a call informing her that they had ran into some trouble at the village. All telephone connectivity was lost post that call.

Persecution Relief called Sis. Ruby, consoled her and prayed for the safety and immediate release of both Pastors.

Pastor Manojmon, Coordinator, Persecution Relief, Jammu & Kashmir, and a few local Pastors have left Jammu and currently on their way to the nearest Police Station at village Agor. Enquiries at several Police Stations in and around the area, had no information about the Pastors.

Church, please pray for the safety of Pastors.

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