Pastor’s mother attacked with knife, Tamil Nadu

Praise the Lord.

“My Name is Pastor Jeba Durai and I am doing God’s ministry in Gandhi Nagar, Kovilpatti in Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu.

One person by the name of Mr. Maryappasamy had opposed my ministry in the past and asked me to stop the Church as he alleged that I was converting people to Christianity.

Last week, I had gone for a Children’s Ministry in Chennai. During my absence, Mr. Maryappasamy visited my home and picked up a quarrel with my mother. He tried to stab her with knife, but by the grace of God she was not injured as the wooden handle part touched her body as she had pushed him away in defense. He also punched her in the stomach, multiple times.

We went to the police station made a complaint but no action has been taken till now.

On 28/4/18 Maryappasamy again came and broke the lock of the Church and stole my motorbike. The local villagers saw him taking the bike in the night and later the motorbike was found in the Railway track.

Church please pray for me and my family as the religious fanatics want us to leave the place & they told me we don’t want any Church in our village”.

Source : As narrated to Persecution Relief.

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