Pastor’s minor son beaten and Pastor threatened with further attacks

Pastor’s minor son beaten and Pastor threatened with further attacks

Pastor Tarachand Senani has been associated with Satsangh Fellowship Church, Mhow. He lives in Jhirigamali village in Barwani District, in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

13th of January was a special day for Pastor, as he was dedicating his recently renovated House Church that was badly damaged in the recent rains and wind. Although his financial resources were very limited, for the sake of the believers, Pastor consolidated all his resources, and with great sacrifice, built this house Church. Pastor invited all members of his fellowship and his close friends, for a thanksgiving prayer meeting.

On the following day, at around 10 am, a group of 60 youngsters, including the children of the Sarpanch & the village Pradhan, unexpectedly came to the Pastor’s house. Without any provocation whatsoever, they arbitrarily began to violently beat up Pastor’s 14-year old son Arun, a minor, who was clueless as to what was going on! Even women and children are not spared in their zeal for Hindutva agenda, is heart breaking.

No father can bear to see his son being beaten up in his presence, let alone a minor. Yet, Pastor chose to forgive his persecutor and to love him just as Jesus has commanded us, by not pursuing the matter lawfully. Although Pastor had the option, he declined to lodge an FIR for the sake of his testimony and for the glory of Jesus Christ.

This Church has, for the past 25 years, been a lighthouse in the area to many, who have been delivered from the bondages of alcohol, drugs, smoking and peacelessness. Lives had been transformed, homes had been transformed, after committing their lives to Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. Around 100 believers gather every Sunday to worship at this House Church and to be told that they were forbidden to do so going forward, has been a huge blow to this Christian Community.

They have also threatened Pastor with dire consequences and physical harm, threatened to ‘grab his land’ and personal belongings, if he continued to worship Jesus Christ.

Pastor called Persecution Relief Toll Free Number 1800-1234-461 to narrate this event and to request for prayers. He was very sad and disappointed at being restricted from worshiping along with the Christian community and about the beating of his minor son. Earlier, in 2017 December, Pastor was beaten by fanatics while he was ministering at a different location.

Church fast and pray for Pastors like this who are suffering all over India for Christ’s sake.

We request all believers to join hands with us, to help the persecuted church in India as they desperately need to be supported.

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  1. We will loft our eyes unto the hills from where our help comes. Our help comes from the Lord who made the Heaven and the earth

  2. Father please comfort and guide your dear son during this painful time. As Psa 46:1 tells us “You are our refuge, strength and ever present help in all our troubled times”.

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