Pastors manhandled and abused, Kerala

Pastors manhandled and abused, Kerala

Shouting anti-Christian slogans and abusing the 2 Pastors and their team members, religious fundamentalists terrorized, abused and detained them illegally, until they were rescued by the Police.

On 30th September, Pastor VT Abraham, District Pastor for Church of God along with Pastor Haridas and church members, had gone for a film show in a colony at Ramanattukara,  in Kozhikode district in the state of Kerala.

The ‘Jesus” movie, continues to generate controversy as religious fundamentalists demanded that the screening of the movie be stopped. As the  film was being telecasted, these anti-Christians objected and asked to leave.

Anticipating that the disturbance could precipitate into a law and order situation, Pastor and his team decided to leave the venue. However, the extremists detected this and quickly began to physically surround and manhandle them. The team were allegedly prevented from exiting the hall, falsely accusing them of indulging in conversion activities, and detained.

Police rescued the Christians from the scene.

Similarly, in the early hours of 02nd October morning, a couple of fanatics from the religious fanatic group, visited the residence of Pastor Haridas. They falsely accused him of spreading the Gospel and indulging in conversion activities. They threatened that they would break his leg,if he did not stop worshipping Jesus Christ.

What is disturbing is that Pastor Haridas has just only started his ministry, where a handful of people attend, andis hardly known in the locality.

Church, pray for Pastor Abraham and Pastor Haridas, their respective families and the families of the congregation.

Pray for “God’s own Country” – Kerala has seen a recent spate of Christian persecution incidents.

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