Pastor’s leg broken by fanatics, Maharashtra

Pastor’s leg broken by fanatics, Maharashtra 

Pr Rathod 

Over the past few years, we have witnessed an ever increasing rise in the number of cases dealing with Christian persecution. Not many of us are aware that our Christian brothers and sisters continue to live with dire consequences in the aftermath of the persecution that they have faced for the sake of Christ. Pastor Laxman Rathod is one such example.

Pastor Laxman and his family live in Kondhwa, a town which is around 10 kms away from Pune city in Maharashtra, a state on the west coast of India. He serves amongst the Gypsies, labourers that move from place to place to seek employment.

A few months ago, some Christian Gypsy families invited Pastor Laxman to come and share God’s word at Edalevadi, a place which is around 4 kms away from Pastor Laxmans  residence. The families, around 7 in number, live in the rented premises of a building owned by a man known as Bhau.

The meeting was held on the terrace of the building during the afternoon and was brought to a close at around 4pm. The building owner, Bhau who has an office on the top floor of the building suddenly came up to the terrace in an inebriated state and began questioning the Gypsies. “How did you  convert to Christianity, how much money did you get for the conversion ??” He inquired.

Soon, a few of his companions, who were also drunk joined in and  made the Pastor go with them to the office. There, they started physically assaulting him. “They punched and kicked me and beat me with sticks”! Exclaimed the Pastor as he narrated this ordeal to us.

After a while, they called the police, who soon came and took the Pastor to Tilekar Police station.  There, they accused the Pastor of converting the Gypsies. This is what the Pastor said, “When the police asked me if the accusations were true, I told them that I cannot convert anybody, I just teach them from the Bible and about the teachings of Jesus Christ.” He went on to say, “the police were good to me, they took my mobile number and address and let me go”.

The Pastor was later taken to Sasun Government hospital where he got to know that his leg was fractured. He was then  treated but was immobile for the next month as his leg was put in a plaster.

“I used to work in a logistics company called Udaan and also  minister simultaneously, but now I am unable to work because of my physical disability. My family survives on a  monthly support of Rs 5000.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, a heavy hearted Pastor told us that his leg is still in pain due to which travelling has become very difficult. He also shared the challenges that he regularly faces to support his young family. “Now I struggle to even pay the school fees for 2 of my children”, said the Pastor.

There are many more courageous believers like this who have stood such diabolical tests and still continue to fight. We at Persecution Relief, urge you to stand with us and the Persecuted Church in Prayer and encourage you to support them as the Holy Spirit leads.

Persecution Relief has recorded 330 incidents of hate crimes against Christians in 2016, 440 incidents in 2017, 477 incidents in 2018 and till August 2019 we have recorded 302 incidents of persecution against Christians in India.

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