Pastor’s home burnt down, Manipur

Pastor’s home burnt down, Manipur



On 01 April, as worship service was progressing, around 5.30 pm, some neighboring children ran into the Church to alert Pastor TH. Manu Tamang that his house was on fire!! Pastor’s residence is around 200 meters from the Church. As the Pastor and members rushed out, what greeted them was the sight of the entire house burned down to the ground.

Pastor TH. Manu Tamang has been ministering with “Leimakhong Baptist Church”, which is 20 kms away from the capital Imphal, Manipur.

The house was made of brick walls, wooden reapers, with a tin roof, and has been their home for many years. Police arrived on the scene of the crime. As there have been no eye-witnesses to this crime, no complaint was lodged.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor mentioned that all the electrical equipment in his house were switched off and no candles lit; also, he believes that the arson is a hate crime, and a deliberate attempt by the enemies of the gospel, since several people have come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ through his ministry.

Pastor Kanamjuan who had called Persecution Relief to inform about the incident, is confident that the incidents is a hate crime against Christians.

Pastor lives with his wife and 2 children – daughters Kawi 4 ½ and Elizabeth 2 ½ years old.  They are currently staying with a Church Member Bro. Y. Tomba who has magnanimously offered to host them until the find alternate residence.

The cost of reconstruction of the house is estimated to be around Rs. 5 Lakhs. If any of you wish to extend financial assistance to Pastor Manu, please write to

Persecution Relief have extended financial relief to Pastor, to meet his immediate livelihood expenses.

Church, please pray for Pastor TH. Manu Tamang and his family, that he may continue to trust and commit his soul to his faithful Creator God, whose mercy is from everlasting to everlasting, whose justice cannot be overruled, and has a good plan for him, no matter how bad the situation looks

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    1. Hello, Jamang,I m Manu ‘s friend. He is from my village. This happened. If you don’t believe it go and see the place. It is just beside the Main army gate. I ll give you the address.

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