Pastor waylaid, robbed and beaten by religious thugs, Bihar

Pastor waylaid, robbed and beaten by religious thugs, Bihar

4 unidentified men, brutally beat a Pastor and robbed him of his personal bag containing cash and his Holy Bible.

Pastor Dharmendra Kumar, has been ministering with the Indian Pentecostal Assembly for the past 5 years, at Fatuha Block, Patna, Bihar.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor related that on Thursday, 16th January, he had stopped at a nearby ATM to withdraw money, as he was on his way to the market. He met an acquaintance, an old Christian lady by the name of Gayathri, who engaged him in small talk about her health issues etc. Amidst the noise and clamour of the market place, Pastor spent a few moments, to encourage and comfort the lady, offering hopeabout Jesus’s power to heal her sickness.

He claims to have noticed 4 youths hanging around observing him but did not pay much attention to them until suddenly, they pounced on him and man-handled him.

“What are you telling this lady? Are you trying to spread Christianity and destroy India?”, they confronted and threatened him,

They punched and scratched his face with their nails, with total disregard for what the lady or he was trying to explain. A crowd began gathering as the men, manhandled him, snatched his bag and fled. No one came to his rescue.

“I strongly believe they had been watching me for a while and were aware of what I do and they intentionally wanted to harm me”.

Pastor received first-aid at the Sapna Bharti Clinic before heading home to report this matter to us.

Pastor K. K. Shaji, Founder of the Indian Pentecostal Assembly, based at Delhi, expressed sadness and disbelief about the changing landscape of India.

Recently, the State of Bihar has seen a huge spike in Christian persecution incidents. In 2018, Persecution Relief, recorded 37 incidents of persecution.

Church, pray for Pastor Dharmendra that in spite of the painful incident, his faith will be steadfast and God’s abundant grace and strength will abide with him.

Pray that the persecutors will have no rest until they surrender at the feet of Jesus Christ.

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