Pastor warned to stop worship service in rented Hall, Tamil Nadu

Pastor warned to stop worship service in rented Hall, Tamil Nadu

Persecution Relief received a call on the Toll Free No 1800-1234-461 from Pr. Immanuel Nesaraj, who has been pastoring Peace Prayer House in the district of Theni of Tamil Nadu state.

Since 2003 Pastor has been running the Church with more than 80 believers attending the worship service.

Presently they are conducting the Worship service in a rented place at a commercial area. 2 people from the neighborhood instigated the owners, formed a team and lodged a complaint at Theni Police station that the worship service should be stopped immediately.

As Inspector Mr. Murganandan had summoned Pastor on Sunday, 04th of February, to the Police station, at around 2.30 pm, Pastor went to the Police Station to meet the Inspector of Police, after the Worship Service.

The Inspector insisted that no further worship services should be conducted in the commercial premises with immediate effect. When Pastor asked for the reason, the Inspector had no concrete reason except to say that he had received a formal complaint against the Church.

Pastor has submitted a written application affirming that he has not converted anybody, not distributed any tracts, not visited any homes, and handed it to the Inspector.

The Church in India has never faced a situation like this where we are forbidden to conduct worship service in our homes, our private properties, our own Church, Commercial place, Auditoriums etc.

Church Pray for the situation returns to normalcy, and also pray that they can continue the worship at the same place peacefully.

Pray for the 2 Persecutors who are instigating and encouraging people to act against the Pastor and Church.

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5 thoughts on “Pastor warned to stop worship service in rented Hall, Tamil Nadu”

  1. This is ridiculous! Is there any clear cut idea in our constitution as to where/what exactly it mentions legal and not to conduct religious services?

  2. End of days have come. As Jesus said they will persecute you because you worship in my name and many will stumble because of his words. We are passing through that phase of our faith. But prayer can bring victory over every darkness. Let us for the opening of the eyes of these blind fanatics as well us the rulers of this country.
    Many of our leaders know that Christianity preaches only love and wellness, but they are afraid of confessing openly.
    This might be because of few so called Christians with Christian names do not show the real love of Jesus through their action at public place or even at worship place. The fanatics take advantage of our disunity to their profit and create this type of hooglicanism.
    We are actually required to pray for unity among we Christians. Let’s do that first.

  3. It is time for all Christians to get United and pray. As the fervent prayers will change the situations.
    Our God is in control just keep on blessing these ignorant people and the authorities who are moving as if they are not aware of anything.
    The time if God is nearing when the things will change and no power it the earth can withstand his acts.
    We as Christians are not to react in any situations then only God will intervene. Just keep on praising and the rest is in his able hands.

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