Pastor warned of dire consequences, Mumbai

Pastor Pallavi Christian shepherds “Christian Embassy” Church at Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Around 50 – 60 believers gather every Sunday to worship at R. C Maruti School auditorium, over the last one year.

On Saturday, 13th January, a few Christians took permission from the School Principal to distribute Gideon Bibles to the school children, after school hours. As the children were dispersing, Bibles were being distributed to children who happily took home to read and to know the love of Christ.

Suddenly, a mob of religious fundamentalists illegally trespassed into the School and barged into the Principal’s office. They falsely accused the Principal and the teachers of getting monetary benefits from the Christians, to distribute the Bibles in school, as R. C. Maruti School was not a Christian School. They then forcibly took the Principal and a few Teachers to the Police Station and after mediation by the Police and assurances by the School, were let off.

On Sunday, 14th January, Pastor Pallavi Christian met with her congregation as always for the Sunday worship Service. After the worship service, around 1.30 pm when they were wrapping up, some religious fundamentalists again, illegally barged in and threatened them not to conduct any more worship service at the premises. They warned them of dire consequences if they failed to pay heed to the warning.

Pastor and the congregants have handed a letter of complaint to the Deputy Commissioner of Police who mentioned that if the school had no objection to the hall being used, no one else should object. However, the matter must be confirmed by the Principal of the School. They have also written to the Local Corporator. The School Principal has asked for temporary suspension of the Sunday meetings until a decision can be taken.

Church please remember to pray for peace of God, divine wisdom, discernment and understanding to prevail in this situation.

Please also pray that God would open doors for an alternate location to be made available in the interim.


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3 thoughts on “Pastor warned of dire consequences, Mumbai”

  1. Our God will always protect His children who follow His will. But, now a days, we also need to be careful and seek His Wisdom and Guidance in everything to avoid unnecessary problems to fellow believers. Let’s wait for the appropriate time as per His will and then move patiently in love. God will surely bless you and keep you!

  2. From worshiping of God no body can have rights to object. It’ s a fundamental rightso given to every citizen of India through our Constitution of India. So do not dare to touch Christian people for our God is great God. If any one tried to do so then it will be dealt with them accoding to law. Stop petsecution nobody will tolerate sny erong done to our people live happy and let live other Happy.

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