Pastor Threatened with death

Pastor Suresh Rajan has been ministering in Vivekanandpuram, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu for the last 22 years. This Church is affiliated to Assemblies of God.
Pastor started the ministry at a rented place. After 5 years, God enabled him to buy a small plot and they started the construction of the Church. The exterior of the building was almost done and he commenced work on the interior of the Church.
Local religious fundamentalists objected to the construction of the Church on Pastor’s private property and forcibly stopped the work. As Pastor decided to move the Court to get legally commence the work again, the half-constructed building was vandalized – all the doors and the windows and the toilets were destroyed.
4 years ago, armed with a Court Order, Pastor commenced the work of the Church again. On the Court Order, there was a clause that required him to get the permission of the Collector before starting the work. As Pastor tried to secure permission from the Collector, permission was not sanctioned and the government went ahead and filed a case against the Pastor!
Last week, by the grace and mercy of God, Pastor Suresh Rajan won the case and the Court ordered that he may construct the building and conduct worship service without any constraint. Again, as mandated by the Court Order, he met with the Collector to get permission. He was asked to give a copy of the Court Order to the Tehsildar.
Yesterday, 15th December, work on the inside of the Church resumed. Today, 16th December, around mid-day, a mob of around 25 unidentified religious fundamentalists came along with the Police and stopped the construction work. The Superintendent of Police asked Pastor to meet with the DSP. When Pastor met with the DSP, he was asked to meet with the Tehsildar. After this encounter, Pastor realized that the intention of the administration and Government agency was only to harass him and cause protracted delay to this project.
Pastor has decided to stop the construction work and is determined to have the worship service in the half-constructed Church building. Over 20 lakh rupees have already been spent on this Church construction.
Learning of this, the radicals have threatened to kill the Pastor if he held the Sunday worship service tomorrow. Pastor has lodged a complaint with the Kanyakumari Police Station.
Church, please pray for God’s miraculous intervention and peace to reign in this situation.


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7 thoughts on “Pastor Threatened with death”

  1. Yes, i will pray that God’s Holy protection would be around the pastor and his congregation and that they will be able to worship God freely and securely.

  2. Sure, Will pray for this situvation. God will open a way.Gospel never stops.
    God Bless persecution relief work more strongly. Remember in Prayers.

  3. உங்களை உபத்திரவப்படுத்துகிறவர்களுக்கு உபத்திரவத்தையும், உபத்திரவப்படுகிற உங்களுக்கு எங்களோடேகூட இளைப்பாறுதலையும் பிரதிபலனாகக் கொடுப்பது தேவனுக்கு நீதியாயிருக்கிறதே.
    2 தெசலோனிக்கேயர் 1:6

    We are praying for this pastor,
    God will protect you and your church and your family.

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