Update : Pastor Deependra Prakash, Uttar Pradesh, released on bail

UPDATE: 26 June, 2018 10.00 am

Pastor Deependra Prakash from Uttar Pradesh, has been released on bail. Thank you Church for praying.



Pastor thrashed by Bajrang Dal men, booked by police for ‘trying to convert’ 11 men

Meerut: Scores of Bajrang Dal activists on Monday attacked and thrashed a Christian pastor inside court premises in Sardhana town alleging that he was about to convert 11 Hindus. Surprisingly, local police booked the injured pastor under section 151 of CRPC (Arrest to prevent the commission of cognizable offence) and dispatched him to jail.

Police claimed that the Pastor Deependra Prakash, a resident of Muzaffarnagar’s Khatauli area, had come to the local court with affidavit of 11 people who wanted to convert to Christianity. He wanted to get the affidavits attested by notary. As the local Bajrang Dal activists got a whiff about it, they rushed to the court in hoards and attacked Prakash.

Later, police arrived at the scene and took the pastor and a lawyer, who was assisting him, to police station. However, facing protest from notaries, the policemen let off the lawyer.

But the pastor was booked and sent to jail.

“Around 11 individuals wished to convert to Christianity, and Deependra Prakash had come to Sardhana to get their affidavits notarized when Bajrang Dal activists caught him. He was brought here and we booked him under CRPC section 151 and sent him to jail,” said Dharmender Singh Rathore, station house officer (SHO) of Sardhana police station.

When contacted, west UP convenor of Bajrang Dal, Balraj Dungar, said, “Deependra Prakash was fraudulently trying to convert 11 persons when we caught him.”

Milan Som, a Bajrang Dal worker who filed the police complaint, said: “Despite being a resident of Muzaffarnagar, why this pastor came to Sardhana is itself a matter of investigation.”

source :TOI

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3 thoughts on “Update : Pastor Deependra Prakash, Uttar Pradesh, released on bail”

  1. 2018From : PASTOR M.P. SAMUVEL, (NEW LIFE BETHEL CHURCH) MAKANAHALLI VILLAGE,VAGATA POST, JADIGENAHALLI HOBLI,HOSAKOTE TALUK,BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT,KARNATAKA STATE-pin,562114, south INDIA, MOBILE No: 09113022897, SUBJECT : BANGALORE RURAL DISTRICT, HOSAKOTE TALUK MLA ANDTHIRUMALASHETTY POLICE STATION S.I. AND CIRCLE INSPECTOR SIDEAND MAKANAHALLI VILLAGE CONGRESS MEMBERS AND ACTIVITS SIDELIFE THREATENING AND OPPRESSION.PASTOR M.P. SAMUVEL I and my mother Mary Sarojamma Dated:29-01-2015 to 2018 year on the church stone through and on the behindchurch side house people also throw stone our house side and taken out sideI and my mother taken beat and rough handling, life threatening, and I1
    given complaint to the police station, police sub inspector and circleinspector taken complaint they not taken any necessary legal action theyonly believing on the village congress member and activists speak listeningthey taken police custody and so much crucial threatening after CircleInspector Channesh what you have given complaint I have not any legalaction. Complaint return back and close the Church and lock otherwise youand your mother so many case put and filed the complaint. You know whoyou are the Taluk MLAs who know what party you have cast vote from thisvillage to the house and church and you know how to make a vacate fromthis village and church. As soon as you go out of the police station, go toyour village and leave the house and church and then knock me and mymother out of the lattice and hit the foot. S.I. Harish kicked off the foot andput it out of the bad words. When I and my mother came to the village fromthe police station, they again stoned the house and on the New Life Bethelchurch. Night 8.30 time on front of stop two police vehicle, they stopped ourprayer and came to out side and they talk filthy language I have not comeout side, Thirumalashetty halli police staff they came inside and roughhandling and taken out side from the church you have come to pray I get somany cases on your and entered the case and you are in rowdy list and Iget encounter. Now you leave the village otherwise you have get lifethreatening. Dear Sir,New Life Bethel Church PASTOR M.P. SAMUVEL and my mother 2015to 2018 they beaten church and house throw stone and other types ofdisturbance and Village Congress members and Thirumalashetty halli PoliceStation 1) Circle Inspector Channesh (2) Sub Inspector Harish (3) CircleInspector Satish and (4) Sub Inspector Balaji and staff they beat so many times and they given crucial punishment and entered the murder casecontinuously. I live in fear without protection and I and my mother are introuble. Attacks on us are being made by the police station staff. Although Iand my mother, both I and my mother, stay in the village and inform us tothe police officers of the Karnataka police station, they have to protect thepoor family without any legal action and against Christ Religion. If we are 2
    having a life in the village, it is only because of the difficulties that we havecaused. I need to have security for the New Life Bethel church and homeafter my dad is carrying out Christianity. How often do we appeal to all top officials of the Police Department of Karnataka. We need to protect you fromany part of the service and take legal action against the personnel and officers of the Police Department as mentioned above and pray for justice.Thanking you, Pastor, M.P SAMUVEL Yours faithfully, For NEW LIFE BETHEL CHURCH

  2. We Christians need to form unity. Forget about denomination, high or low. Rich or poor. Gather in multitude and raise voice for our human rights can definitely do changes in our Indian constitution.
    First of all we are Indians, let’s take up our rights. Integrity is important for every citizen of India. But communal hatred is a wrong tool to break the integrity of India.
    People who execute communal voilances must be chased out of India to safe guard our National Integrity. This will balance harmony of peace and love with every indians with his neighbours.

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