Pastor pushed out from moving train, Bihar

Pastor pushed out from moving train, Bihar

Pastor Suryadev Kumar, a resident of Arwal district in Bihar, had gone to visit one of his believer family Bro. Jeetender Raj at Punpun, which is around 10 kms, south of Patna city, the capital of Bihar State. He then decided to visit Pastor Subash & family, who were just released from jail, after being imprisoned for just over 3 weeks, on for false conversion charges (a story we had covered).

Pastor boarded the train ‘Patna Intercity’ from Punpun to Patna, with a travelling time of around 15 minutes. He was carrying a few New Testament Bibles in his hand, which he placed on the seat beside him.

A co-passenger stretched out his leg on to the seat which touched the Bibles. Pastor Suryadev, very politely told him not to touch the books with his feet as they were the Holy Book of Christians. The passenger then expressed interest and wanted to learn more about the Bible. Pastor Suryadev assumed that his interest was genuine and began sharing about the Holy Bible.

The train had just left the platform and the only thing Pastor can remember after this, is being assaulted and pushed out of a running train. Pastor Suryadev was found unconscious, grievously injured and lying near the tracks, by and train travelers. Trying to establish his identity, these ‘good Samaritans’ tried calling random numbers listed on his mobile – one of which reached Pastor Sanjay David.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Sanjay David stated that he received a call, alerting him that Pastor Suryadev was in a coma and admitted in Punpun Government hospital. Rushing to the Hospital from Sipara, he received a second call informing him that Pastor Suryadev was shifted from Punpun to PMCH (Patna Medical College and Hospital), Patna as his condition was serious.

Pastor Sanjay soon caught up with them as the rushed Pastor Satyaraj to PMCH. After few hours Pastor regained consciousness. He is now admitted in a private hospital in Arwal, where he is under treatment.

By the grace and mercy of God, Pastor Suryadev is out of danger but in great pain owing to the injuries caused by the fall.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, all he can remember about the incident is being pushed out from moving train. Pastor has requested for prayers for his speedy recovery.

Pray that God would look down with compassion and send comfort and healing on Pastor. May this time of rest be a time of spiritual rejuvenation through the power of the Holy Spirit.

 “For the oppressed will not always be forgotten; the hope of the afflicted will not perish forever.” – Psalm 9:18

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