Pastor Murdered

It is alleged that Pastor Gideon Periyaswamy was brutally beaten and tortured before being murdered. His body was found hanging in the Church at Kovathur, on ECR Road, near Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu, situated on the Coromandel Coast, 70 kilometers South of Chennai.

Church, please pray.

The following excerpt was posted by Pastor’s close associate:

“Name: Gideon Periyaswamy, Age: 43, Village/Ministry/Residing at: Adaiyalacherry, near Koovathur (2km distance), Kalpakkam, Church Name: Maknayeem

Pastor Gideon had been ministering at Adaiyalacherry village for several years. Saturday was a day of ‘prayer and fasting’. As the congregation made their way to the Church, they found Pastor’s house locked from the outside, which was very unusual.

As the situation seemed very odd, the members opened the house to find Pastor dead and hanging by a rope around his neck. They removed the rope to find a blood clot around the throat and neck area, where the rope had fatally strangled him. There were no other traces of blood on his body.

A gold ring that was on his finger was missing. All other belongings remained untouched, including his mobile telephone.

It appears that he might have been first strangled with a rope, by two or more people causing his death in the night.

Pastor had been receiving frequent death threats. Earlier, religious fundamentalists had vandalized the roof of the Church. Another time, they had cut the water supply that was provided from the Village Panchayat, removed the bore well, beat and threatened him on many occasions, accusing him of converting people to Christianity.

Pastor was unmarried and lived a testimonial life in the image of Jesus Christ. He was known as a man of prayer, praying for over 5-6 hours daily.

The members of this Church humbly ask that the necessary investigations be done as no action has been taken until this time. We ask that the Advocate allotted for this case, demand for a post-mortem be done in the presence of a Judge. The post-mortem is expected to be done on Monday, 22nd January.

A ‘Road Roko’ agitation was held by the Public on ECR (East Coast Road), to protest the willful killing of the Pastor. This event was covered by “Puthiya Thalaimurai TV” and telecasted briefly. However, the news has now been pulled off the air.

Please do the needful”.

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81 thoughts on “Pastor Murdered”

  1. Very Sad incident.Praying that the Lord may comfort the family and the believers associated with him.
    Please avoid the language,grammar,sequencing errors in the report by careful editing before publishing in the media

  2. May God give peace to the sorrowful family and believers. The blood of the martyard is seed of the Church. Therefore there will be many Churches arising in this place.
    Amen amen

  3. O god punish tthem who murder how u log d word people.all people should know jesus he is life he is d sinfull all over d word people

    1. God in New Testament never punished enemies rather blessed n helped them. In one Stephen’s martyr death many rose for Christ. For three lives of Graham stains n two kids many rose for Christ. This is Lords doings.

  4. Pray for the church members.and praise God the brave church pastor. This martyr seed will bring many churches. God’s purpose never failed.

  5. Its really sad to know about the pastors sudden death;1) To come to the ground reality fact we need proper investigation 2) coverage by christian media alone will not help try tp connect both local and natinal media 3)Approach human rights and other legal NGO 4)Than approach the police with media and see the speed in action,

  6. Love the people who did this… Let Almighty forgive and show His Love on them and make them understand the support they did for Kingdom of darkness.

  7. I am deeply worried about this incident because it happened in tamilnadu , the place of equality and tolerance people. Why so vengeance on Christian’s. But you have dropped a seed to grow in kalpakkam.

  8. பலிபீடத்தில் கூக்குரல் இடும் சத்தத்தில் இணைந்தவரோடு நாங்களும் கூக்குரல் இடுகிறோம். . . கர்த்தராகிய இயேசுவே . . .

  9. Martyred and sacrificed for Jesus Christ. let us rejoice for he is with our Lord for sure. There will be outpouring of Holy Spirit in the area, and as a result of it there will be immense church growth. Let’s pray for the perpetrators for God’s forgiveness and come to the truth.

    1. Very sad to hear such a brutal incident to take place in the State of Tamil Nadu where people of all Faiths used and still live in harmony. I hope the authorities take a note of this and remove such acts so that it does not happen again.

    1. Dear brother Jim. My heart is grieved with yours. I do not know if you are a Christian, but surely your Uncle was prepared to die for the name of Jesus. Our God is gracious and merciful and just. May He meet mercy with mercy, and justice with justice and grace where needed. He is our Soveriegn Lord.

  10. May God comfort the family.and may God forgive the sin of those people who kill pastor .and turn them to the Lord.

  11. It is strange to hear. Tamilnadu is good state where Christians have enjoyed much freedom and liberty. We need to know who has done it. Let us pray for the family.

  12. Maranatha. May the soul of this precious witness rest in peace. May those in power do their duty. Let all the believers zealously expect the coming mighty works of LORD Jesus Christ. Let us being christians grow more in love towards fellow humans. The price of the blood of Jesus Christ beyond satan’s calculations and so is the blood of His sheep. Amen. Pr. Stephen maj

  13. This time to God’s Army..God’s mighty angels going to smash the men’s, who did this.. Oh Jesus please send ur angels…

  14. May our Lord comfort the family ,whoever is persecuted in the Lord’s name have great reward in heaven,I pray that who ever is done this will be saved and many more should raise to serve our Lord.To God be all the glory.

  15. Let Power of father, son and holi spirit give his soul in peace will be laid in his kingdom and The holi spirit will bring heavenly justice to this un-human behavior and actions.
    Praise the Lord.

  16. It is indeed very sad that someone who had dedicated his life for the benefit of others had to pay with his life for the sake of his faith. Tamilnadu has never been so radicalised till now … to take someone’s life in the name of religion. It is truly agonising to see that we are being divided on basis of our faiths.

  17. In India now days..Christians all ways .killing pr.distroy Church .burning..who is doing this all thing’s…we know very well..the particular region must answer all the incident…many people killed south/NORTH. …I am telling…The creater nobody can do anything…one seed we put in mud wait an c many thounds of tree will grow…that time u can’t cut the tree..pls sent all incident mody and President…we will pray and church member’s….Amen.

  18. God is on throne God is in full control of everything, nothing happens accidentally in the life of a true believer, Glory be to God,god.predestined some to be martryers for his name

  19. Word of God says in Numbers chapter 14: 18.
    The Lord is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.

  20. We are chilren of god as jesus said father forgive them for they dont know what they are doing let us follow his oath
    Bro in christ

  21. TamilNadu need this type of true christ servants but sad to hear this. Signs of Christ Coming. May God Will Surely Reward Him In Paradise Now for the Sacrificed Soul.

    He is seeded in kalpakkam and whoever did this will surely shocked to see numerous christian plants will raise and christian ministry will grow ferociously in Kalpakkam and My Almighty God Will Fight for this Cruelness

  22. May the strength and faith surround this family with Jesus Christ. The evil doers will be wiped out completely from this world, as the second coming is at hand. Amen
    Peace be with the family and church congregation.

  23. Anti Christian groups , try making this murder into suicide. But how long can they, remember they are fighting /rebelling against their own Creator. That day is not far away for the creator to touch them nd open their eyes. We are praying for growth of the Lords ministry.

  24. Pastor Gideon s blood has spoken. Those hands which murdered him will surely hold the word of God. Those mouth which spake against him shall surely utter the precious name – Jesus Christ. God will do this for HIS NAME SAKE. The battle is already won .,AMEN.

  25. v sad to hear of this man of god who lead his life alone preaching to reach the word of god out in his locality was brutally killed. May our lord Jesus Christ alone interfere with those who murdered this our man and repent for what they did and accept Christ as their personal saviour, else they must be prosecuted…

  26. Sympathy and empathy are all good but what are christians doing about it? Still fighting amoung themselves arguing who is genuine christian and which denomination will go to heaven. Have we got a petition that can be signed and sent to our president and prim minister? No one should be harmed in the name of their faith, , colour, creed or language etc specially christisns who do not harm any one.

  27. Rip to lovely and brave pastor. God will take care of his ministry, and He has shown the precious seed which one day will blossom again praise the Lord.

  28. All we need to do is pray!!. Rest God will take care.

    Every church should start praying everyday (NOT ONLY ON SUNDAYS) at least for a couple of hours.

    A couple of months back, our pastor asked home maker (housewife) and senior citizen to come to church every day and for sometime. Initially only few of them came forward… Praise the lord!!! God started pouring spirit of prayer.. Now many people (even those who are working come and join the prayer for sometime) started coming and praying..

    I would request every pastor, church members to initiate this in their church.

  29. Lord Jesus please give peace to his family members ..definitely for sure he will be sitting and praising you in paradise ….Iam sorry lord and forgive me for my sin for not praying for the people of god….please forgive the people who had made this sin and let them carry your bible and preach….

  30. Jesus said vengeance is mine, he will see that justice is done to pastor Gideon, may God give his bloodcover protection to all his children and servants.

  31. Christians are cowards and acting too good! God knows to give peace to the family suffering right now! But what you stupid coward Christians gonna do for this? Can anyone do anything to stop these murder activities?

    God is doing his part perfectly but I am asking to coward Christians “what you gonna do?”

    Only brave people reply me! I don’t want to waste time with cowards anymore!

    1. Meekness is not weakness.. we need to imitate God and ack like Him.. Jesus showed how we need to behave in this situation also..

  32. Meekness is not weakness.. we need to imitate God and act like Him.. Jesus showed how we need to behave in this situation also..

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