Pastor jailed for worshipping Jesus Christ, Uttar Pradesh

Pastor jailed for worshipping Jesus Christ, Uttar Pradesh

A mob of around 50 fanatics, trespassed into “Masihi Kalisiya Baghwanpur” Church, shouting ‘Jai Shri Ram”, “Jai Shri Ram” and anti-Christian slogans, creating a huge furore, with the intent to intimidate and disperse the congregation.

Pastor Ritesh Joshua called Persecution Relief Toll Free No 1800-1234-461 and reported about Pastor Anil Kumar, who was arrested during Sunday Worship service at Baghwanpur, a village in Piprauli Block, Gorakhpur District of Uttar Pradesh.

On Sunday, 16th September, Pastor Anil started the Sunday worship at 9:30 am. After prayer, as they were singing songs, suddenly a mob of around 50 people trespassed into the worship service, shouting slogans of their gods. They manhandled and abused the congregation, physically assaulting Pastor Anil. They caught him by his collar, physically dragging him out, along with Brothers Pradhum, Ravinder, Maniram Tola and Deepak., who were forcibly taken in a Jeep, outside the village.

They detained them illegally, bombarding them with questions, asking them where they got money to carry out conversion activities and ordering them to list all pastors and other church leaders in the area, trying to instill fear in them. They humiliated and insulted them in an effort to break their resolve and tenacity.

They were eventually taken to Gulhariya Police Station, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh and detained there all day. The rabid mob continued to camp outside at the Police Station until 11 pm, shouting slogans, demanding that the Pastors be booked. Senior Police Officials issued FIR’s and booked them under various IPC sections.

The fact that these innocent men of God, were treated like common criminals, irked the congregation, who protested their arrest. Around 200 believers staged ‘Rasta-Roko’ or ‘Road Roko’ – a peaceful protest, preventing vehicular traffic from using a busy thoroughfare. Pastor his 2 brothers and 2 Belivers were released on 17th on bail.

Christians in Uttar Pradesh have been experiencing unprecedented violent attacks from religious extremists, and have become targets of biased police attacks and prejudiced media campaigns.

Church, please continue to cover the state of Uttar Pradesh in prayer.

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