Pastor illegally arrested while visiting family in Police Station​

Pastor illegally arrested while visiting family in Police Station

We had reported the story of Mother and Son brutally beaten for attending Church service, Chattisgarh”. Both Sis. Pramila Bai Bhargav and her son Umesh Bhargav are part of Pastor Dinesh Maddad’s fellowship.

The day after Sis. Pramila Bai and her son Umesh were beaten and arrested by the Police for their faith in Jesus, Pastor Dinesh had gone to the Koni Police station to help them. However, the Police arrested him and released the mother and son.

Pastor Dinesh Maddad basically from Kurmi tribe, was born and brought up in Hindu faith. Growing up as a child, from a very young age, he had a big swelling in the back of his head, the size of a balloon. His parents took him to many temples and hospitals but he was not healed.

Somebody suggested that Dinesh be taken to Church, to pray to Jesus Christ, that he would be healed. In a matter of a few days, the swelling from the back of his head disappeared and he was completely healed. However, when he chose to be baptized, his parents strongly objected to this.

His father tried to beat him and even tried to kill him; the villagers gathered and tried to convince Pastor asking him not to leave the god of his parents to go after a foreign God.

They said that you have a temple at home and god always visits us through your mother.  But Pastor was adamant to follow Jesus Christ. Finding no option and as the situation became very unpleasant for him, Pastor had to leave home.

By the grace of God, he managed to secure a job with the Police force and eventually was called by God to start the ministry in 2011, in Lokhandi and other villages. Pastor’s life and testimony has impacted several who have come to the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor mentioned that he was detained in the Police Station and charged under IPC 151 and sent to Central Jail. Later, he was released on bail on the 25th of September.

“I am so happy that God gave me an opportunity as a shepherd, to be of service to my sheep”, Pastor added.

He was grateful to Persecution Relief for their financial support to the Sister’s family and to him, throughout this ordeal. He believes that God reigns even in the unpleasant circumstances.

Many Christians who go to the Police Station, to help fellow Christians are falsely charged and arrested. This is discouraging them to visit them. Church, please continue to pray against the injustice and bias of the administration against Christians.

Pray for the safety and protection of Pastor Dinesh, his family and the congregation.

Pray that men and women of God may stand strong and continue to go boldly, to show support and solidarity to their brothers and sisters, without fearing arrest.

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