Pastor heckled for distributing gift boxes to children, Madhya Pradesh

Pastor Kuber Nayak ministers with ‘Hope Eternal Church’, in Bagmugaliya, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh for the last several years.

On Sunday, 02nd December, just after the worship service was concluded, Pastor organised a small get together for children. In an effort to help and provide for children, Pastor distributes around 60 individual gift boxes, as part of OCC program, of Toys , Writing Pads, Pens, Pencils, Eraser etc. for the children.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor mentioned that just as the program was coming to an end, around 2 dozen religious fanatics assembled outside the Church, chanting slogans and shouting anti-Christian slogans, claiming that Pastor was indulging in conversion activities.

In order not to escalate the situation, Pastor stayed inside the house, while the parents of the children tried to calm the fanatics, explaining that it was just an initiative undertaken to help children.

However, the fanatics were relentless and demanded that Pastor should come out to the house.

“Call Nayak outside, call Nayak outside” they kept shouting.

Whispering a prayer, Pastor stepped out of the house, only to be manhandled and heckled by the fanatics, who abused him on the road, trying to humiliate and intimidate him, in the presence of the watching Church members.

In the interim, someone called the Police, who arrived just in time to rescue him from the attackers. Police dispersed the mob and took Pastor and 4 brothers to the Baghsewania Police Station.

They were then taken to the Head of the Police Station, the Town Inspector (TI), and the whole matter explained. He scrutinized the contents of the gift box and noting that nothing religious but only useful items for the children, he concluded that there was no other ulterior motive except to help the under privileged children.

Later 4 Police Officials visited Pastor and recorded his statement, undertaking that no conversion activities would take place in the future.

Praise God for honest Police Officials who were not biased or partial but relied on facts for their investigation and findings.

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