Pastor harassed for believer’s death, Karnataka

Pastor harassed for a believer’s death, Karnataka

On 17th October, at around 8.30 pm, Sis. Rekha was found hanging from the ceiling at her home, declared ‘brought dead’ by the local Hospital.

Her biological brother, Sunil, sister of Rekha, broke open the door to their modest home, to find his sister hanging. In spite of giving her first aid and trying to resuscitate her, the District Government Hospital at Haveri, Karnataka, declared her dead. The local Police Station was informed who rushed to the hospital, to review the incident and arrange for a post-mortem.

Bro. Mohan Channabasappa Sajjan and his entire family used to join Pastor Gudappa’s home for the weekly prayer meeting.  Sis. Rekha, 26 years, had put her faith in Christ several months before and prayed that she would be healed of her nervous condition, for which she was getting treatment at NIMHANS Hospital in Bangalore.

After Sis. Rekha’s death, the religious fanatics in the village, did not allow the family to take the body inside their home as they were opposed to burying her body as per the Christian rites. The religious mob tried to manipulate and communalize Sis. Rekha’s death and pressured the family to sign a document that was written by them. The Letter allegedly stated that Pastor Gudappawho had prayed for Sis. Rekha, was responsible for her death, and many other false statements, to implicate the Pastor for Sis’s death.

They threatened the family saying that they will not allow them to conduct Sister’s funeral. Under great duress and mental torture, they signed the manipulated and false document, just so that they may proceed with the funeral.

Meanwhile, Pastor Gudappa who had been to his wife’s home, with his family, is not being allowed to return to the village by the religious fundamentalists.

Pastor who had been away to his wife’s home when the incident took place, is being threatened by the mob with death threats, if he returns to the village. Pastor, his wife and 2 small daughters, are terrified and unsure how to deal with this matter.

Church pray for the situation there – Pray that God’s peace would descent upon this volatile situation.

Pray for Sis. Rekha’s family, as they mourn the death of their daughter.

Pray for divine protection and safety of the Pastor and his family and the members of the Church.

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