Pastor forcibly evicted because of his religion, Uttar Pradesh

Pastor forcibly evicted because of his religion, Uttar Pradesh

Instigated by religious fanatics, the Land Lord illegally evicted Pastor Vijay Kumar Bharti, without giving him the mandatory notice period, while the Police were looking on.

Affiliated to India Mission, Pastor Vijay has been ministering at Jangipur, Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh. He runs a Church at a rented place owned by a Sakrai Yadav, since 2004, were over 100 members gather every Sunday for worship service.

Last Sunday the 18th November, just after Worship service, when most of the believers had left for their homes, 2 Policemen from Jangipur Police station, located around 200 meters away, made a surprise visit.

Without any warning or incident, they demanded that Pastor vacate the premises and threatened him that no more meetings should be held from the following Sunday. The Police demanded to know why he had not vacated the house in spite of several requests from the Land Lord.

Pastor clarified that he had been staying in the area since 2004 and that he had never been asked to vacate the property.

Policemen demanded that the Pastor accompany them to the Police Station. When they reached there, a mob of religious fanatics along with the Land Lord were already in waiting.

Pastor was heckled and the situation worsened. Sensing trouble and in order to save face, the Land Lord changed his stance.

“I have asked them to vacate so many times but they are not listening”, the Land Lord claimed, in front of the Police and the fanatics.

“My Landlord did not have a problem with me from the very beginning. When the religious fanatics and the Police created a hostile situation, he changed sides and falsely claimed that he had asked me to vacate several times earlier!!”, said Pastor Vijay

“When I realized that he was putting the blame on me to save himself, I did not want to get into any dispute. So, I did not pursue the matter. They made me give a written undertaking that I will vacate the premises and only then they let me leave the Police Station”, Pastor added.

Pastor has since moved to his native village and was very concerned about the congregation.

In a similar incident, Pastor Vijay was arrested in May 2018 as well, where Persecution Relief had assisted in securing his release. He expressed gratitude for the pro-activeness and immediate relief that was provided to him.

Talking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Saju K John, the Local In-charge said that Pastor had left for his village and is temporarily staying with his parents, since the climate in the village is still very hostile.

Church pray for the reopening of all Churches which have been illegally closed down by religious fanatics in collusion with the administration, across India.

For immediate assistance and to report Christian Persecution, 24 x 7, please call on our free Toll-Free Number 1800-1234-461.


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