Pastor entrapped, brutally beaten, Kerala

Pastor entrapped, brutally beaten, Kerala

Anti-Christian players are becoming more and more skilled manipulators and using just about any behavior imaginable to accomplish their aims.  

Identifying Pastor Gee Varghese of Sharon Fellowship, Mavellikara, Kerala, as the target of their manipulation, unidentified men, engaged him in a conversation and then brutally beat him up, alleging conversion.

On Sunday, 27th January, Pastor was waiting at the Nangiarkulangara junction bus stop for his friend, as they were planning on visiting their sick friend at Cherthala 3 young unidentified men, strolled up to the unsuspecting Pastor and engaged him in a conversation. They asked him to look after his bag as it could be stolen. He replied that it was not a bag but a Bible.

This opened up a discussion as he shared the story of how an Evangelist had lost his Bible. The thief who had stolen it, read the Bible and stopped stealing thereafter. He went on to add that many lives had been transformed through the Bible.

One of the fanatics, acted like he was drunk. He held Pastor Gee Varghese’s hand and said he wanted to be delivered from his drinking habit and to change. He asked Pastor to pray for him. Pastor Gee Varghese, shared his personal testimony of how he used to drink and smoke, until he found Jesus.

“If any one comes to God, with sincerity of heart, God will change him”, he added.

They continued discussing about God till he found the Lord and that if one comes to God, one can change too. They continued discussing about God. 

As the men appeared to be leaving, suddenly, without any provocation, they held is hands and attacked him. With one blow behind the ear, he fell to the ground unconscious. They continued hitting him. When he revived, shocked and grieved by their actions, he asked ‘Why did you hit me?’

“You are trying to convert us to your religion and this is a warning” they retorted.

Pastor was admitted to the Haripad Government Hospital,as he had severe pain in his head. The Doctor attending to him said that he was lucky that his ear drum was not ruptured. This entire face is swollen along with the injuries on his hands and legs.

Considering the gravity of the injuries, the Hospital lodged a Police Complaint, in spite of the Pastor not willing to lodge a complaint, as he had forgiven his attackers.

The All India Pentecostal Association, stronglycondemned this shameful and cowardly attack and appealed to the Government, to ensure that such unwarranted attacks be prevented.

Hundreds of Christians across India continue to face this ominous challenge – share your faith at the risk of intimidation, harassment, physical violence or even death.


Though religious freedom is guaranteed by India’s constitution, the reality for believers on the ground – as evidenced by Pastor Gee Varghese’s story and countless others like him, is regrettably, far removed from the promises enshrined in law.

Church, pray for Pastor Gee Varghese and his complete recovery both physically and mentally, to be able to forgive the perpetrators, and continue to be a witness and a testimony for Jesus Christ.

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