Pastor brutally attacked on charges of conversion, Maharashtra

Pastor brutally attacked on charges of conversion, Maharashtra

Religious fanatics sparked fear, storming into a House Church, dragging out the Pastor and brutally beating him unconscious in Kalyan, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Pastor Moorthy Selvam, who passed out from Bible College a couple of years ago, was assisting Pastor Arthur at Bombay Baptist Church, (BPC) Tamil Service.

On Sunday, 20th of January, worship service was being held at the residence of one Bro. Murli Lal. Worship service began at 11 am, Pastor shared the Word and prayed for the sick. As they were closing the service, there was a huge commotion outside the Church.

2 dozen religious fanatics, shouting slogans, stood abusing and threatening, accusing Pastor of indulging in conversion activities.

Anticipating an escalation of violence, the family took Pastor Moorthy Selvam inside the bed-room behind the main hall. In spite of this, in one shocking moment, 3 fanatics trespassed into the house, brutally dragging the Pastor out of the house. Accusing him of conversion activities, they physically assaulted him, punching and kicking him, until he became unconscious.

He was eventually rushed to the local Hospital where he had to undergo an x-ray and scan. He is now recovering by the grace of God.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Moorthy narrated the whole story and was grateful to God that his son, Ganapathi who had accompanied him, was unharmed.

A complaint was lodged with Hill Line Police Station, Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra.

Church, please pray for the complete healing and restoration of Pastor Moorthy. Pray for forgiveness and healing among the congregation.

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