Pastor beaten up, Uttar Pradesh

Pastor beaten up, Uttar Pradesh

Pastor Sukhbeer Gautam’s calling as an itinerant preacher, allows him to travel around to different groups of people, sharing the Good News of the gospel and teaching in various places.

A distressed Pastor called on Persecution Relief’s TollFree Number 1800-1234-461,[Available 24×7 to provide Comprehensive Support to the Persecuted Church in India] narrating this incident. He was very appreciative of the ministry of Persecution Relief, which he maintained was very beneficial to the persecuted Church in India.

Every week, for the last 4 years, he travels around 30 kms to Shuklaganj, which is situated in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh. Here, he gathers along with a group of 25 Christians, whom he has nurtured and discipled in Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, 17 June, 2018, Worship Service started at 10.00 am and around 25 Christians were gathered in the ‘House Church’. A few minutes into the meeting, 8 – 10 young religious fanatics, barged into the Church, shouting profanities and abuses at the congregation, not at all mindful of the women and children assembled there.

They attacked Pastor , brutally beating him with lathi’s and mocked him for his faith.

“Where is your Jesus now?

“Why don’t you call him to help you?”, they ridiculed him. 

They continued to blaspheme Jesus Christ using coarse and vulgar language.

 “Why are you attacking us? What have we done wrong?”

They just asked him to run away,

“Why should I run away? I am not a thief!” said Pastor.

This commotion attracted the local villagers who came in support of Pastor and the Christians, that the fanatics gave them the slip.

Someone alerted the Police who arrived and took him to the Ajgain Police Station, Unnao, instead of pursuing the offenders. At the Police Station, he was further berated and ridiculed. They accused him of being involved in conversion activities.

When Pastor clarified that he was only propagating the teachings of Jesus Christ to those who wanted to hear, which was his constitutional right, they argued and dared him to teach about ram in the gita.

The Police detained him for a couple of hours, harassing and bullying him, until the village Headman who was alerted, came to his rescue. Further, Pastor under coercion and duress, was made to write a note that he would not visit the village or be seen in its vicinity.

He requested the Police that should there be an emergency, he would need to visit the Christians, since he had been supporting and providing thespiritual leadership.

Pastor  expressed concern on how the villagers would worship going forward as he had nurtured, discipled and encouraged them through the Bible. Several of them had been liberated from substance abuse and were earnestly following the teachings of Jesus Christ. Most were written off by the society but had turned a new leaf and were being beneficial to the community and the village.

Pastor Sukhbeer has asked the Church to pray, especially for the 25 Christians in the village.

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  1. What a great man of God. May God keep him and not allow Satan to stop him from working in Unnao.

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