Pastor beaten in Coorg for preaching Jesus Christ

Pastor beaten in Coorg for preaching Jesus Christ

Credit – VoTC Correspondent

Pastor Kannan Meshak, who is part of the ‘’End times Full Gospel Ministries, India’, has been shepherding a House Church in Coorg, Karnataka.  Over 30 – 35 believers congregate every Sunday for worship. This has been the practice for over 2 years.

Sunday, 01 October was just like every other Sunday. Just as Pastor Kannan was giving the benediction, a mob of religious fundamentalists, illegally gatecrashed the worship service, hurling abuses and threats at the congregation and the Pastor.

Pastor was brutally beaten by these unknown assailants, all over his body, and when he collapsed to the ground, his body was kicked relentlessly, as they stood on top of him and stamped him. The believers were also indiscriminately beaten. The meeting was being held at Bro. Dinesh’s residence, a Dalit boy, who was also mercilessly beaten.

After beating them up, the mob dragged Pastor and his believers to the Police Station, falsely accusing them of conversion charges. Police detained the Pastor and the members for the whole day at the Station. Eventually, after the intervention of Senior Pastor Stephen and Asst. Pastor. Suresh, the Police released them. They have been warned not to conduct prayer meetings or preach Jesus Christ without securing prior permission.

Both, Pastor and Bro. Dinesh were taken to a hospital emergency and Bro. Dinesh who suffered the more serious of injuries, is receiving further treatment. It is not clear if Pastor Kannan suffered internal injuries, but he is in severe pain and shock.

Pastor has suffered continual persecution and harassment from locals over the years, but he has continued to be a courageous advocate for Jesus Christ.

Although 01 October 2017 was commemorated as ‘Indian Christian Day of Prayer for the Persecuted” (ICDPP), servants of God were still being attacked.

Church, continue to cover Pastor Kannan, Bro. Dinesh and his congregation with your prayers. Also, pray for God’s mercy on his persecutors of the gospel. 

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