Pastor beaten during Sunday worship service, Maharashtra

Pastor beaten during Sunday worship service, Maharashtra

Pastor Benjamin Dupte, in-charge of Good News Church, in Maharashtra, with over 25 workers in his team, called Persecution Relief to narrate this incident.

Pastor Anil Kandhari, who was part of his team, was running a Church built on his private property, in a place called Nandhir, which is in the outskirts of Vishnupuri in Maharashtra, bordering Karnataka. This established house Church affiliated to ‘Good News Church, has been running for over 3 years, were around 20 persons used to gather every Sunday for worship service.

Pastor Anil belongs to the Mathang community, and members of his extended family and community, had taken severe offense to the fact that he had given up his former religion and chosen to follow Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, 10th February, just as the Worship service concluded, a mob of fanatics from the community, ganged up together and brutally beat Pastor Anil, who needed medical treatment for the injuries.  They also beat a few elders and vandalized the place.

The fanatics have threatened Pastor and demanded that he close down the Church or face dire consequences

Persecution Relief had recorded 477 incidents of Christian persecution in 2018 where Maharashtra ranked number 10 among the top hostile states of India. 2019 has seen a sudden spike in the number of incidents recorded in Maharashtra.

Church, please pray for Pastor Anil Kandhari and the congregation, for peace, forgiveness and reconciliation as they gather in the days ahead.

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