Pastor beaten by fanatics, with Police onlooking, Jharkhand

Pastor beaten by fanatics, with Police onlooking, Jharkhand

Pastor Ravi 

Christians account for just 4.3% of Jharkhand’s population, yet the Jharkhand assembly has passed the Religious Freedom Bill 2017, also known as the anti-conversion Bill, in an attempt to stop forced conversions in the state.

In such a hostile and inhospitable environment, a young man and passionate for God, Pastor Ravi Kumar, has been ministering from his House Church for the past 2 years.

Located in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Pastor Ravi gathers along with 70 believers every Sunday for the worship service.

Pastor Ravi Kumar a young passionate man of God ministering at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand state of india. He runs a house church for the past 2 years and more than 70 believers gather to worship every Sunday.

As news spread about Pastor Ravi’s anointed ministry, the number of people gathering every Sunday, has been steadily increasing. He was therefore, expanding the house church to accommodate around 250 members.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Ravi mentioned that from the time he started building the extension on his house church, that local religious fanatics have been harassing him.

On Wednesday, 21st August, 2019, while he had stepped out for an errand, he received a frantic call from home, alerting him that his brother in-law Gurudev (sister’s husband) had unexpected come home.

Rushing home, Pastor Ravi was saddened to see that his home had been vandalized and his sister beaten by her husband! Unfortunately, Gurudev does not share the faith of his wife and yoked in marriage with an unbelieving spouse, has not been an easy journey.

In spite of the strife at home, Pastor Ravi, his sister and the entire family, have released Gurudev to the Lord and have been praying for a miracle.

Seeing the scale of the damage, Pastor Ravi went to the Golmuri Police Station, to lodge a complaint, so as to deter Gurudev menacing rage and attacks against the family. Accompanied by the Police, Pastor Ravi, went back home and Gurudev was taken to the Police Station. Strangely, Pastor Ravi was asked to accompany them.

As they reached the Police Station, Pastor Ravi was shocked to see a mob of religious fanatics along with the Gurudwara Pradhan (Head of Gurudwara). They began abusing shouting and intimidating Pastor, with impunity, in the presence of the Police Officers.

The Police were accused of doing nothing to stop the incensed mob or prevent the attack on Pastor Ravi. They beat him, pulled his hair and caused injuries on his head with the steel bangle (Khada) that is traditionally worn by Sikhs.

The “guardians of the law”, simply stood as mute spectators, as the mob rained blows on Pastor Ravi.

The attack by the fanatics were because they accused Pastor of indulging in conversion activities. However, asPastor Ravi appealed to the Police to intervene and stop the attack, they refused to interfere, alleging that it was a “family matter”!  

As help from the Police was not forthcoming and sensing that the situation could escalate to his disadvantage, he decided to leave the Station. As he sat on his scooter to leave, the mob pounced on him again, and dragged him down from the scooter, grievously injuring his knees.

While Articles 25-28 of the Indian Constitution guarantee the right to freedom of religion to all citizens who all are residing within the territory of India, several Churches are forcibly shut down without any reason provided.

In 2018, Persecution Relief has recorded 477 incidents of hate-crimes against Christians. Jharkhand recorded 19 incidents.

In the first six months of 2019, we have recorded 208 incidents of hate-crimes, with 4 incidents from Jharkhandalone.

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