Pastor arrested on Christmas day, house vandalized by Police, Uttar Pradesh

Pastor arrested on Christmas day, house vandalized by Police, Uttar Pradesh

Pr Rajendar Chouhan’s house was vandalized by Police team this afternoon 27/12/18 at Jaunpur District of Uttar Pradesh….

Posted by Persecution Relief on Thursday, December 27, 2018

Across Uttar Pradesh, small house-churches to megachurches that see thousands of worshippers every week, continues to experience extraordinary, chilling and targeted violence. The ripple effects can be felt across other districts of Uttar Pradesh too.

In the month of September 2018, we had reported that the district of Jaunpur had experienced an unprecedented spate of attacks on Christians and Churches.

The month of December saw a repeat, especially in the week preceding Christmas.

On 25th December, Pastor Rajender Chouhan who is affiliated with Jeewan Marg Charitable Trust and his Church were congregated for Christmas Worship Service, when a team of Police trespassed into the Church and disrupted the service.

More than 4000 people attend every Sunday for worshipservice. On Christmas Day, over 10,000 people had gathered when this incident took place.

The Police humiliated and verbally abused Pastor Rajender and threatened him with dire consequences. They accused Pastor of indulging in religious conversion, without a shred of evidence or witness to corroborate their accusation of conversion. They eventually took Pastor Rajendra Chauhan into custody and detained him at Line bazar Police

Pastor was eventually released by the SHO Mr. Misra, who advised him to secure permission from the Collector, before assembling in the future.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Rajender’s nephew, Bro. Dinanath narrated a new twist to this the incident that happened today, the 27th December.

Police Officials visited Pastor’s residence again, threatening and demanding that Sunday worship be completely stopped. They proceeded to break into Pastor’s residence, broke the cup-boards and vandalize the place. Some money has reportedly been missing.

Threatening to bull doze and raze the Church to the ground, if he did not stop congregating for worship service, they left the residents in a state of shock and disbelief!

Church, pray for the protection of Pastor Rajender, his family and the congregation.

Pray for the opponents of the Gospel, that God would restrain their hands, not to cause evil and harm to His sheep

According to data recorded with Persecution Relief, Uttar Pradesh experienced the highest number of violent attacks against Christians – over 100 incidents recorded in the last 11 months of 2018.

Anti-Christian violence in Uttar Pradesh is not a new phenomenon and Christians have been facing unprovoked and relentless atrocities for the past few years. Allegations that Christians are carrying out evangelical activities and converting the locals, is the common rhetoric, used to exploit and attack innocent Christians.

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