Pastor and wife waylaid and attacked by fanatics, Bihar

Pastor and wife waylaid and attacked by fanatics, Bihar

Bechan Das 

Pastor Bechan Das was violently attacked by religious fanatics, while riding an Auto-rickshaw, that left him with critical injuries

For the past 6 years, since 2013, Pastor Bechan, Founder of New Life Foundation”, has been conducting prayer meetings at the residence of a Bro. Das at village Lochnachak in Jehanabad district of Bihar.

As usual, on Friday, 13th September, Pastor, accompanied with his wife, Malti Devi, left the prayer meeting at village Lochnachak and were heading home. Travelling on Highway 71, at around 12:30 pm in the afternoon, they had to travel through a long, tree-lined stretch of road for around 4 kms.

Suddenly, the quiet, peaceful ride, was interrupted by the sound of motor cycles piercing the air. Young men, riding these motorcycles, rode adjacent to the Autorickshaw and indicated with their hands, for the Pastor to stop the vehicle.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor stated that he assumed that the men were hailing the Auto for a ride, and he stopped his vehicle.

As soon as he stopped, one of the youths approached him.

“Baba, are you a follower of Jesus? Are you a preacher of Jesus?”

With his wife sitting in the back seat and unsuspecting their intent, Pastor continued to have a conversation with these young men.  

The shattering of the glass from the windshield of the Autorickshaw, and the shards of glass that flew into his face, his head and his hand, aroused Pastor to the reality of the intent of the men with whom he was engaged in a conversation.

Pastor lost consciousness with the impact and force of the sharp shards of glass pierced his head and his hand.

When he regained consciousness, Pastor claimed that the fanatics had fled the spot, leaving behind him and his bewildered and terrified wife in the Autorickshaw.

They had apparently threatened his wife, and warned her to tell Pastor that he was not to visit the village in the future or ever preach about Jesus Christ, or face even more dire consequences.

Bleeding profusely from the bruises and injuries to his head, Pastor and his wife to a government clinic nearby, for treatment and medication.

Speaking to Persecution Relief after reaching his home, Pastor was deeply troubled and disappointed with the turn of events.

“I have used the Autorickshaw for my gospel work. Apart from that, whenever anybody needs the Autorickshaw, even at odd hours, I always offer my services free of charge, only taking a minimum amount towards the diesel charges”

“I forgive the Persecutors as Jesus has commanded me.  Jesus has always told me that I will face persecution for gospel’s sake.”

Church, please pray for Pastor Bechan Das and his wife, for his quick recovery and protection over the family.

The scale of “crack down” against the Christian minority community in Bihar, has been unprecedented, with tighter surveillance of Churches and House Churches.

Persecution Relief has recorded 477 incidents of hate crimes in 2018 of which 37 were recorded from Bihar alone.

In 2019, Bihar recorded 13 incidents of hate crimes in the past 6 months.

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