Pastor and minor girls detained at Police Station for attending Prayer meeting, Uttar Pradesh

Pastor and minor girls detained at Police Station for attending Prayer meeting, Uttar Pradesh

Pastor Narbada & his daughter Jyoti

Pastor Narbada is affiliated with Himalaya Evangelical Missions, located at village Kaptanganj, Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh.

On Saturday, 27th April 2019, Pastor Narbada Kumar and his daughter, Jyoti (16 yrs), had gone for a house meeting to Bro. Ram Dulare’s house. Pastor had been conducting regular prayer meetings for the past few years. Around 20 Christians had gathered and the meeting had just concluded.

Local Police barged into the house disrupting private prayers at the house. They began abusing and accusing Pastor Narbada of carrying out religious conversions. In spite of narrating that they only meet to share the Word from the Bible and pray, the police authorities sternly questioned Pastor Narbada for organizing the prayer meeting without availing permission from the concerned local authorities.

In an attempt to harass and intimidate them, Police demanded that Pastor, his daughter Jyoti (16 yrs), Khushboo (16 yrs) a resident of the village who was at the meeting, and the house owner, Bro. Ram Dulare, accompany them to Ramkola Police Station for further questioning.

The Christians were detained for few hours at the Station before Pastor John Joy, Director of Himalaya Evangelical Missions, and Ajay, son of Pastor Narbada, who were outside the Police Station, informed Persecution Relief about the incident. 

Speaking to the Mr. Rajiv, Superintendent of Police (SP), Bro. Thomas of Persecution Relief briefed him about the illegal and unauthorized detention. Local Church Leaders also put pressure on the Police for targeting innocent Christians without any evidence, based on the instigation and baseless charges of fanatics.

The Christians were released as the allegations against them were found baseless.

Sources informed Persecution Relief that a Right-wing religious organisation had tipped off the Police with this false complaint.

Church, pray for protection and the peace of God that surpasses human understanding, to abide with Pastor Narbada, Bro. Ram   and the rest of the praying Cell. Pray that God will continue to use him for His glory and honour.

In Uttar Pradesh, the scale of “crack down” against the Christian minority community has been unprecedented, with tighter surveillance of churches and on those who worship Jesus Christ. In many places, Police patrols are placed outside Churches, guarding the entry, to prevent people from gathering to worship Jesus Christ.

Persecution Relief has recorded more than 129 persecution incidents in Uttar Pradesh, last year, the most hostile among 29 states. In the first quarter of 2019, Uttar Pradesh is leading with 27 incidents of persecution recorded by us. Across the country in India, the doors of a multitude of Churches have been sealed and scores arrested on false charges of indulging in conversion activities.


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