Pastor and wife beaten up in Uttar Pradesh

Pastor Massi in the center along with local Pastors at the Police Station

Bro. Rakesh Kumar, popularly known as Pastor R.K. Massi, is from Firozabad city – also known as the “City of Glass” “Suhag Nagari”, in Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh is governed by BJP and the Chief Minister is Shri Yogi Adityanath. In the past, there has been an increasing trend of Christian persecution incidents, with Uttar Pradesh recording the highest number in India in 2017. The religious fanatics continue to operate with total impunity, with the district administration allegedly conniving with the caste and religious outfits.  During this prayerful season of prayer and fasting, where there is a larger participation of people, we are seeing an increased number of persecution incidents.

On the 19th of March, accompanied by his wife, Sis. Asha, Pastor Massi had gone to participate in a “cottage meeting” at a believer, Bro. Raju’s house.  This was around 30 kms away from his residence at Firozabad.

Around 1:30 pm, a group of religious fanatics got into the house and asked Pastor Massi to come downstairs, as the Police were waiting for him. Shocked by the turn of events, he told them that he had not committed any crime for the Police to wait for him.  2 enraged radicals, physically assaulted him and dragged him down the stairs. Waiting outside were a ferocious mob with lathis and stones. Surrounded by this hostile, antagonistic mob, Pastor was viciously kicked, punched, slapped and brutally beaten until he fell down unconscious. Assuming that they had accomplished their mission of killing the Pastor, the perpetrators fled the scene. Pastor’s wife, Sis. Asha who had followed him downstairs, was also not spared but physically assaulted and slapped multiple times.

Soon, other believers gathered and Pastor Massi was rushed to the local Government Hospital. The Head Doctor at the Hospital, refused to treat Pastor without an FIR. He was then shifted to Mittal Nursing Home where he was hospitalized and received treatment for the severe internal injuries.

By the grace and mercy of God, Pastor regained consciousness at 12.30 am (midnight/early morning). Thanks to the prayers of the saints of God, Pastor is responding well to treatment.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Massi said, “I am so happy to be persecuted for Christ’s sake and I feel so privileged. I have received so much love and so many calls from so many strangers, calling to enquire about me and pray with me. I have never received so many phone calls even on the day of my marriage!”.

Pastor Rahul Khare, pastoring with IPC Church and other Pastors of the town, had reached Pastor Massi’s residence and were jointly going to police station to report the matter.

Church pray for Uttar Pradesh as the situation is very hostile and volatile for Christians.


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  1. I want to stand with my brother in Christ…I just want to know how physically…Pastor Michael, Issachar School of Prophets

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