Pastor and family booked under false allegations – Haryana

Pastor and family booked under false allegations – Haryana

A case of ‘Forced Conversion” under Section 295 A has been registered against Pastor Avianshu Kalra and his family. Pastor Avianshu, Sister Ritu (his wife), Bro.Pardeep Gulati (Dad) & Sis. Kalpana (Mother), have been booked based on the false testimony of a family.

Section 295A: – Deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs

They have been residents of Abadi Mission Compound, near Kalka Chowk Ambala City, Haryana. He is a Licensed Minister of the Assemblies of God, North India and serves as a Pastor of Karuna House of Prayer Church, located at Kalka Chowk, Ambala City.

A Vijay Bhagat has charged Pastor of forcing them to throw away the idols and Sikh Gurus from their home, into the drain and telling them that they were converted to Christianity.

Pastor Avianshu claims that he has never visited their home except for visiting his Father’s Office which is above Vijay Bhagat’s house. He also claimed that Vijay Bhagat and family members had visited his home and the Church, on and off, asking for prayers.

The State Shiv Sena Chief & Leadership, Dhami Sharma Local MLA and other right-wing religious fundamentalists, are allegedly trying to influence the process and procedures of investigation. They have also warned the Administration of Haryana of dire consequences if serious action is not taken against Pastor Avianshu and the Church.

Sister Ritu (Pastor Avianshu’s wife) is experiencing complications in her pregnancy (4th month) and is hospitalized. Pastor has a 4-year old son. The family has to keep moving places in order to keep access open to legal processes.

Church please uphold this family in your prayers:

Pray that Church Leaders will unite and support fight these legal battles. Pray that the result of this case would be positive to make a strong statement to everyone who are troubling the Church of Christ.
Pray for financial provision to meet all legal expenses
Pray that there will be a fair and just trial so that the harassment of the family may stop
Pray for the family and people who are directly involved in the Case and persecuting this family. Pray that their hearts may be convicted and God open their eyes to the Truth.
Pray for all the people who are trying to use this issue to acquire their property and take revenge from the family for helping persecuted pastors across Haryana

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