Pastor and believers forcibly evicted from rented premises and Church shut down, Uttar Pradesh

Pastor and believers forcibly evicted from rented premises and Church shut down, Uttar Pradesh

Pastor Gerald Mathew Massey popularly known as Pastor Jerry, had to spend Sunday in Police custody instead of spending it at the Church along with his believers, who wait for Sunday to come to the Church and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The incident happened at New Life Church situated at a rented place in Fauji Colony, Ghaziabad district, Uttar Pradesh, the largest state of India ruled by Hindu Religious Head.

On Sunday, 14th October, the worship started around 9 am. Around 10.30 am, a couple of religious fanatics walked into the Church, creating a ruckus and called for a larger mob on the phone, to join them.

A local Advocate. Bro. Kushan from the Church, rushed to the Masuri Police Station to inform about the incident. Police were reluctant to act on the complaint. Later, Inspector Varun came along with a few Policemen and disbursed the mob.

Instead of arresting the religious fanatics who had gate crashed into the Church, the Police arrested Pastor Jerry and took him to Masuri Police Station. They coerced him to write a letter, giving an undertaking that from the next Sunday on wards, he would not conduct Worship Service at the same place.

In spite of informing the Police that Advance rent had been paid and that an alternate place needed to be identified for the 150-odd believers to gather, Police were adamant that Pastor shut down the Church with immediate effect. They were unwilling to listen to any reasoning.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Jerry stated that this was the 3rd time, the Church has been attacked.

“The fanatics have been following me for several months. Wherever, I have found a place and congregated, the fanatics have located me, disrupted service and shut down the Church. This is the 3rd location that I have moved to”.

Pastor has requested for prayers that they would be able to find a suitable place of worship.

Uttar Pradesh continues its unabated attack against Christians, Churches and Christian Institutions. Persecution Relief have recorded 51 incidents of persecution this year until the month of September.

Several house churches have been prevented from holding prayer gatherings, which is part of an ever-widening nationwide operation targeting unofficial “house churches” across India.



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