Pastor and 75-year old sisters beaten, congregation attacked during fasting prayer, Tamil Nadu

Pastor and 75-year old sisters beaten,  congregation attacked during fasting prayer,  Tamil Nadu

Sis Kittamupan beaten 

In all our years of ministry and reporting, wherever we have reported about a ‘Fasting and Prayer’ meeting, we consistently see that forces of darkness constantly try to thwart the plans of God’s people and take them off course. We need to press on, to stay on the path, walking forwardwith Him one step at a time.

Pastor Rangaswamy Philip has been ministering at ‘Glory to God Church ‘for the past 13 years. This Church, located in Annur, is a town in Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu.

On Friday, 03rd May 2019, nothing could have prepared Pastor Philip and the congregation for the attack that took place during the ‘Fasting & Prayer’.

A congregation of regular Church goers of around 30 members were gathered for the ‘Fasting & Prayer. At around 11.15 am, suddenly, there was a loud shouting and sloganeering, taking the whole congregation by surprise.

Sis Marughathal beaten 

8 religious fanatics, headed by Thangary, armed with sticks, iron rods, and sharp weapons, trespassed into the sanctuary, and began abusing and intimidating the Pastor Philip. They accused him of indulging in conversion activities, and violently slapped him across his face a couple of times. Creating fear and terror among the congregation, they brutally beat them with sticks. Even elderly women were not spared. Iyanar, Andathal, and two 75-year old sisters – Marughathal & Kittamupan were not spared.

Eventually, after vandalizing and literally destroying the place, the fanatics gave the slip and ran away.

Pastor contacted the Police and the local Hospital who rushed an ambulance to the site of the attack. 4 critically injured persons were rushed to the Government hospital for further medical treatment.

The Police, evaluating the ferocity of the attack and the damage to property, filed a FIR (First information Report) against the fanatics.

Pastor along with his wife and 2 children, live in this House Church. Most of the Utensils, Church equipment – chairs, floor mats, fans etc. were destroyed by the vandals.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor was deeply moved that old people were targeted and beaten by the fanatics.

“They are very, very poor people, but love the Lord and wanted to participate in the ‘Fasting and Prayer’ in spite of their ages.

“I am willing to endure the beating but I am very sad that they beat my elders”.

The forces of darkness are ruthless, determined, and cunning. The enemy would love nothing more than to fill our minds with discouragement and defeat. 

Opposition will come, but our God is greater. 

“Great is our Lord, and abundant in power, his understanding is beyond measure” (Psalm 147:5).

We are grateful to Pastor Joshua who informed Persecution Relief about this incident in Tamil Nadu and he was also very helpful to Pr Philip.

Church, please pray for Pastor Philip, not to be discouraged, instead to stand firm and let God fight our fiercest battles. 

Persecution Relief has recorded 477 persecution incidents in 2018 of which 67 incidents were recorded in Tamil Nadu – the 2nd hostile state following Uttar Pradesh.

In 2019, 20 hate crime incidents have been recorded in Tamil Nadu, in just the first quarter. Over 10 Church buildings have been targeted by arsonists so far, of which 4 Church buildings were from Tamil Nadu.



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